Beer And Prayer...Just Like Peas In A Pod.

Just for laughs....Thanks God!

A Beer And A Prayer- just like peas in a pod....

on January 30, 2004. © MFB III -All rights reserved

A can of Molson's and a prayer
are very similiar in many ways
you need both hands to get started
you open them with great expectations
they give you a bit of a lift when you are through
they are both filled with the spirit
one is fermented in a yeast that rises
and one rises to the firmanent of heaven
they are both foriegn to many and yet friend to all
one is a lovely temptation
and one removes temptation in a lovely way
one has a head when poured
and one comes from a head that's feeling poor
both are forms of worship
one is a sacred drink to the common man
and the other is a sacred think
one can make you higher
and the other is to the maker on high
one is often found in brown glass
and the other is found near stained glass
I am sure there are more similarities
but I am suddenly very thirsty what with
all of this brew talk and sprited blessings
and I am praying that there is still one
can of Molson's left in the back of
my refridgerator cause it's late and all of
the stores are closed on Sundays for beer
It's the Lord's day ya know...a time of prayer
thus the only alternative is a Hail Mary
and a glass of milk.....arrrgghhhhhhh!!!!!

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always exploring profile image

always exploring 6 years ago from Southern Illinois

iV,E NEVER HEARD OF MOLSON BEER. I liked your poem, funny, and clever, only you would think of writing

about brown glass and stained

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