Off The Wall


Off The Wall

What does “Off The Wall” mean? – Really!
A wall is a partition that separates one space from another.
If I am on the wall, I am facing into one space. If I am off the wall, whether on the floor suspended in air, or on the ceiling, I am able to view several perspectives.
Off so as to be away from the partition, enclosure or divider – away from that which divides or separates one space from another.
Which spaces does the wall divide?
Outer space from inner space?
Higher space from lower space?
Wrong space from right?
Good from bad?
You can be off from a duality or prejudice as well as from rationality.

So being OFF THE WALL means: so as to be unattached or away in time and space from an upright structure serving to enclose, divide and protect.
Very well then; the colloquial slang definition is Insane, crazy, very odd or unconventional.
INSANE is defined as: deranged, very foolish.
FOOLISH is to be a silly absurd person – a jester – senseless, irrational, crazy, brainless, preposterous.
The antonym is Rational
And CRAZY means: unsound of mind, foolish, non-sensible, deranged, delirious, idiotic, mad, imbecilic, demented and maniacal.
The antonym is Reasonable

I then rationally and reasonably conclude that: If I am “OFF THE WALL”, I am foolish and irrational and unreasonable. If I am “ON THE WALL”, I am rational, reasonable and attached to a vertical structure that divides.
Seems to me that I would rather be Off the Wall with freedom, flexibility and foresight than divided and attached to one point of view.

Fool-heartiness is far more appealing to me than rational rigidity. As for crazy and deranged - it is a matter of perspective. To an alien, a person attached to a wall hanging there, stuck in his beliefs might be observed as a strange position. Where as the happy off the wall guy bouncing and dancing around might seem the better of the two positions.

Maybe if we consider the big picture. The need to take a rest or release from the confines of rational thought is a healthy thing to do. To take a vacation from the wall and get off it from time to time may give us a refreshing new perspective in our lives.Taking life too seriously can be lethal.

Frankly for me, I’d rather be:

Free and Foolish
Static and Stuck

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Kris Heeter profile image

Kris Heeter 5 years ago from Indiana

A fun play on words - I like it:) I agree, taking life too seriously can be lethal! I have to keep reminding myself of that from time to time.

Feliva profile image

Feliva 5 years ago from Albuquerque, New Mexico Author

Thanks Kris,

I appreciate your comments. Sometimes I catch myself getting way to maudlin.


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