Believe in You Have Faith in Me


If you can't believe in truth,

then at least believe in me.

Close your eyes and feel,

and let your heart see.

Take from me what

you need to breathe.

Grab my hand until on

your own you can release.

I know you can't now,

but I see your light.

I will be strongest for

you as day turns to night.

Alone you are not and

this is no lie.

For you and me are under

the same big sky.

The pain you have will

hang around for a while.

But in time you will

see on your lips a smile.

I know there are many miles

from where I am and you are.

Close your eyes you will

see I'm really not that far.

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thegoodnewzz profile image

thegoodnewzz 5 years ago

I like this poem. It is very encouraging and reassuring. Two things we are in short supply of these days...I enjoyed it. Keep up the good work! Beautiful and voted up!

profile image

JadedLove 5 years ago

Well done Leslie. You amaze me too so you know. The title alone made the picture in my heart. up up and well you know.

4elements profile image

4elements 5 years ago Author

Thank you thegoodnewzz, it is something we seem to be lacking. We don't take care of people like we use to. Blessings and thanks for the comment.

4elements profile image

4elements 5 years ago Author

Jadedlove Im glad you liked it. I wrote it thinking of a friend who is awesome. Needed to let them know they aren't alone. Blessings,

Paradise7 profile image

Paradise7 5 years ago from Upstate New York

Very inspiring. I have trouble with trust.

4elements 5 years ago

Thank you paradise 7 I know what you mean. I'm in the same boat. Thank you for the comment and blessings to you

bbnix profile image

bbnix 5 years ago from Southern California

Truth is a soft breeze - often lightly felt, but there for the taking...

Lets all close our eyes, "and feel. and let your heart see"...

Lets all hold one another's hands because we're there with you.

Our hearts fly together, you're not alone.

We are with under that majestic "big sky" - together...

We all wait for that smile.

And hopefully you see, we're all "really not that far"...

Much strength,


4elements profile image

4elements 5 years ago Author

very inspiring bbnix thank you so much for reading and leaving a comment. Peace, love, light

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