Beneath the Fig in Sorrel's Wood


Beneath the Fig in Sorrel’s Wood

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

Elfin figures frolic free,

on languid days when nature speaks.

Their joy for life and mischief make,

the blooms of forest breath to take.

Explode with colours bold and bright,

entreat the Mother’s sheer delight.

Her blissful dream of pleasured life,

beneath the fig in pale moonlight.

In shadows soft the old sip tea,

from tiny cups of fashioned leaves.

While youngsters dance their lives of glee,

their feet with bells proclaim they’re free.

While flower chains adorn their hair,

their lives sustained by nature’s care.

Their beds of straw await their sleep,

where dreams request surrender deep.

Beneath the fig in Sorrel’s wood,

when fires dim and dancers should,

refrain from mirth till moonlight rise,

and Elfin joy fills forest eyes.

They rest in peaceful slumber night,

entwined together all warm and light.

While firefly’s fill night so big,

in Sorrel’s Wood beneath the fig.

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Tony DeLorger profile image

Tony DeLorger 5 years ago from Adelaide, South Australia Author

Glad you enjoyed it Tinsky. Even your name suggests so, and nature has many secrets.

Tinsky profile image

Tinsky 5 years ago from Brisbane, Australia

I really love the opening alliteration and your continued use of this through out the poem which has a nice rhythm. Topic is right up my alley as well! I'll be linking back from at least one of my own poems!

Tony DeLorger profile image

Tony DeLorger 5 years ago from Adelaide, South Australia Author

My pleasure Jami. Glad you enjoyed it.

profile image

jami l. pereira 5 years ago

Voted up and awesome and beautiful , very vivid and lovely , thank you for the read:)

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