Beneficial Writing Tips Of Having A Tape Recorder To Save Your Wonderful Thoughts In Writing


In the previous article or hub, it was mentioned that traveling can definitely improve your writing whether off road or on the road. However, jotting down notes can be a bit difficult for some other writers because they do not have the skills in multitasking. This means, they cannot drive and write down thoughts and ideas at the same time to improve their work. In this article or hub, I will be providing some recommendations or tips on how to overcome difficulties in gathering your thoughts or ideas while traveling and the best option is using alternatives such as a tape recorder to record your thoughts and ideas that can improve your writing and your work. Therefore, it is best to use a tape recorder while you are traveling for you to gather your ideas for your writing. You can transcribe your ideas later on to ensure you don’t miss on any ideas that you can come up with. With this article or hub, I will be providing some benefits of using a tape recorder rather than using a pen and paper.

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Having a tape recorder handy while you travel is hassle free. A small tape recorder can be accessed whenever the need arises. You can slip it in your pocket or in your knapsack. You do not even need a tape recorder because any recorder would do, with the boom of technology nowadays even mp3 players, handy phones and some gadgets are capable of recording. So if you are a newbie in the field of writing and you love to travel then a recorder would be a good option for you to save all your thoughts and ideas while you travel. The best thing is you can have this anywhere you go whether traveling or not which is also a plus. If possible, have a gadget that can either record or jot down notes and I’ am sure you will be able to find a convenient kit for you in improving your writing.

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Time efficient

Less time saves you more time for your writing. Do not get me wrong that jotting down notes is already dead due to the boom of technology nowadays and it kills time. However, we have to reconsider the fact that recording your ideas through a tape recorder or a gadget speeds up your work. Imagine an archive of your ideas saved in your computer or in your laptop and all you have to do to go back to your ideas is to listen some of your recorded thoughts rather than skimming or going over your notes to find the idea that you have jotted down to be added in your writing. You can even listen to your recordings while you are doing your work giving you the advantage not to transcribe but directly transfer your ideas straight to your work and this saves you time again.

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Effort free

Having a tape recorder or a digital recorder gives you effortless attempts in recording your work. In a simple push of a button gives you the advantage of having your thoughts or ideas saved in a small device. Compared to a pen and paper where you really have to provide effort in writing down your thoughts or ideas. Although I’ am not erasing the fact that writing is also a good idea in saving your thoughts. We are just looking at some facts that using a recorder is a good alternative especially for beginners in the field of writing who loves to travel and write articles or stories at the same time. Keep in mind that as a writer, we have to take advantage on the small things that can help us improve our writing especially if it greatly affects our job as a writer.

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Having a tape recorder is guaranteed safe for writers who are driving especially if you are running 50 miles per hour on the freeway while coming up with your thoughts or ideas in the same time. As a writer, it is great that our mind goes beyond normal which is focusing on driving while dictating some thoughts at the same time which is an amazing thing. However, we should always keep in mind our own safety without sacrificing the ideas that we are coming up with. It would be nice if you can write with all your body parts intact rather than writing with part of us missing such as a broken leg or a broken arm. Accident is everywhere and it is just around the corner especially when you are driving while jotting down ideas for your writing at the same time. So do me a favor and be safe while you are improving your work through your wonderful thoughts and ideas that enhances your skills in writing.


As mentioned in the previous benefits, we as writers should take advantage of the small things that can greatly affect our work especially our writing projects. Whether you are a pen and paper fanatic or a tech guy who loves to work around with gadgets, saving your thoughts through any means is appropriate and will help you out in your writing project in the long run. Do it as a habit to save your thoughts or ideas whenever you are traveling to maximize your time in improving your work for you not to miss out on anything your fruitful mind can come up with.

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