Best Copywriting Books

When it comes to copywriting there are lots of books to dig from and with every copywriter suggestions for books will vary. Still there are some good books on copywriting and marketing which are useful to both beginners and seasoned copywriter and are recommended. I’ve tried to compile the list of good books with random order and at the end also listed some more books if you want to dig through good books on copy-writing.

So here we go with the list:

Maximum Money in Minimum Time by Gary Halbert

This book is a compilation of gary’s past newsletters. Though his newsletters are available to read for free on the internet. You’ll still find this book worthy as you’ll find something in it to relate. Gary explains how he started from scratch and made it to the place where he manage to create a lot of wealth.

Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins

When it comes to naming advertising legends claude is one in the top list. In my opinion it is a must read for every copywriter and salesperson. There is a free pdf of this book available on the Internet so if you get a copy then don’t forget to read it.

On Writing by Stephen King

You’ll be surprised if you think horror novelist like Stephen gives you a good advice on writing that even copywriter can find useful. Even though it is geared towards beginners, writers of all types will find it worthy as Stephen explains writing in simple manner with personal examples.

Triggers Joe by Joe Sugarman

Joe is the inspiration for many copy-writers. In this book “triggers” joe shows techniques that can make writing persuasive.

Tested Advertising Methods -by John Caples

John caples books are always a suggested read for marketer, copy-writers. You’ll find how to create best headlines that catches eyes, intriguing paragraphs and excellent ad copies. This book is one of my favorite in this list.

"The Ultimate Sales Letter" by Dan Kennedy

This book is more like a checklist and there are some tricks on how to imitate good marketers and how to produce a better copy by learning from them. Quite a sound advice for marketers and copy writers.

"The Copywriter's Handbook" Bob Bly

It is one-stop-shop book for copywriters. Bob explains a lot of copy-writing information in this book. If you can afford this book then i suggest this book for every aspiring copywriter.

“Web Copy That Sells” Maria Veloso

Maria explains in very simple and interesting step by step approach towards web copy. Beginners who want to learn about we copy will find this book helpful. You can also take maria’s coaching from her coaching program on copy-writing.

Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Dr. Robert Cialdini

There is nothing related to copy-writing in it but you’ll find information on how to sell things to others.

Cashvertising by Drew Eric Whitman

Before you sell something to others you need to understand the psychology of how to sell and write things that sells. This is the perfect book that let’s you know how to do just that. It has low price tag in
comparison to other copy writing books.

"The Elements of Copywriting" by Gary Blake and Robert Bly

It is quite old and out of date book on some parts but it is still worth a read with time-less information.

More books on copyrighting

  • "How I Raised Myself from a Failure to Success in Selling" Frank Betger
  • "How to Write a Good Advertisement" Schwab.
  • "How to Write Sales Letters That Sell" Drayton Bird
  • "The Robert Collier Letter Book" - by Robert Collier
  • "How To Write A Good Advertisement" - by Vic Schwab
  • "The Lazy Man's Way to Riches" - by Joe Karbo
  • "Break-Through Advertising" - by Eugene M. Schwartz
  • "7-Steps To Freedom" - by Ben Suarez
  • "Advertising Secrets of The Written Word" by Joe Sugarman
  • "Making Ads Pay" by John Caples
  • The Architecture of Persuasion by Michael Masterson
  • The Adweek Copywriting Handbook by Joe Sugarman
  • "The Elements of Copywriting" by Gary Blake and Robert Bly
  • "Write to sell " it is written by Andy Maslen
  • "Influencing Human Behaviour" by H.A.
  • "Tested Sentences That Sell" by Elmer Wheeler
  • "Unlimited Selling Power" by Moine and Lloyd.
  • Writing for Emotional Impact by Karl Iglesias
  • How To Make Your Advertising Make Money - John Caples

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Pamela99 profile image

Pamela99 6 years ago from United States

Sounds like an interesting list. good hub

blondepoet profile image

blondepoet 6 years ago from australia

That is an awesome list. Actually some of those books I would just love to read.

brethodge profile image

brethodge 6 years ago from USA

Hey, good choices of books.. thanks for sharing it with other hubbers.. cool hub..

WebMag profile image

WebMag 6 years ago

Very interesting compilation. Voted up!

shazwellyn profile image

shazwellyn 6 years ago from Great Britain

I haven't heard many of these books. Thanks for sharing x

AngelaKaelin profile image

AngelaKaelin 6 years ago from New York

Good list... Stephen King on copywriting surprise me! I plan to check it out. Thanks for this information.

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