Best Friends Lost Or Misplaced


Best Friends Lost Or Misplaced.

New times, laughing times. Finding what life has to offer.

Once it did start? I cannot remember. Somewhere in the fog.

Never ending somewhere in the fog of the past. Or was it put on hold?

Eons ago, never looking back, only looking down the road.

Encountering new experiences. Sharing. Hearing how you see it.

Enjoying the Java throughout the day working on coursework.

Listening to your problems and helping as best as I can.

Enjoying the predicaments that life has us solve together.

Traveling Together

Diverging Paths

Somewhere between here and then the fog rolled in.

Life became busy and some things were attended to and some not.

The fog rolled up on us without us seeing it.

There it grew and when I stopped, I could not see you.

Some say that paths diverge to where they need to go.

Some say that roads split for a little while and then merge again.

Others just laugh.

Others still try to keep you busy to keep your mind spinning with life.

Life Gets Busy

Fog Clearing

The more time that goes on, the harder it is to pull out the road map.

So many roads in this world making my head spin.

The reverse is broken on the vehicle.

Can only move forward.

Driving forward still wondering as time grows on.

Memories of happy times walking through life together.

At a pit stop, leaning against a tree looking up at the sky.

Wondering,  when you went left and I went right, was it a figure 8?

Lost In The Fog

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HattieMattieMae profile image

HattieMattieMae 5 years ago from Limburg, Netherlands

Very nice! Does happen that way doesn't it! :)

writer20 profile image

writer20 5 years ago from Southern Nevada

Great poem.

It remind me of living in San Francisco they alays have lot's of fog and it's gets creepy watching it roll over the roads from the ocean.

wolfmonk profile image

wolfmonk 5 years ago from Derry,NH Author

Yes it does happen like that. Never see it coming. I didn't realize that about San Fran. It does sound very creepy, especially being able to see it. Thank you for the nice comments!

sooze 5 years ago

This is most excellent. Very well done. I loved it. The reality of the revolving door of life.

wolfmonk profile image

wolfmonk 5 years ago from Derry,NH Author

Thank you. It sure sometimes can be.

profile image

september girl 5 years ago

Very cool poem, wolfmonk! : ) Wow, I really liked this one! The photos too. It leaves one thinking of all those friends we once had and lost in the shuffle of life along the way.

wolfmonk profile image

wolfmonk 5 years ago from Derry,NH Author

Thank you. I really enjoyed writing this one. Yes, many do get lost in the shuffle of life. I thought the photos went along well with it.

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