Best Gangster Poems

For me, most poems are boring. They describe very little, and overall, aren't too understandable. There are a few kinds of poems, however, that really stick out at me as something beyond the ordinary. Most of the ones I've seen are from famous authors, but then I found some of these gangster poems. They're surprisingly well-written, and also pretty entertaining and funny, so I thought I'd share them with you here. The language is pretty terrible, so make sure you know what you're getting into before clicking.  Instead of copying and pasting them into this website, however, I've linked to their original sources. Take a look below!!

As I find more good examples, I'll make sure to post them!! 

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babyboy 7 years ago

poems are god when ur in love with a gurl u like a lot but u messed up and wont get her back

LIL-BIT 7 years ago

i love poems some make you remanices about the past and some at times i can relate to and when i want to express my self i write poerms my self :}

baby girl  7 years ago

i lost sum i love so much one of my homiegirl took him from me one night

angie 7 years ago


sweetbaby 6 years ago

i love this guy but a friend a mine took him from me cause she new i liked him

jjgg 6 years ago

sweetbaby i fell u dats da same shit ma friend did to me nd i really diged da guy but i just don't wanna think bout it cuz it could have been

smiley  6 years ago

hey nice poems:]

kimberly  6 years ago

poems are all_right

sn00py 6 years ago

ya feel to

NAJMA 6 years ago

i love this guy and he loves me 2 but he is a gangstar

la giggles 6 years ago

hell yea lovin ma gansta

la giggles 6 years ago

was up 2 all the surenos at woodloneeeeee

;] 6 years ago

hAhA y0U $TUPiid

la giggles  6 years ago

I love b sooooo much

WiifffEyyy 6 years ago

ANd i likE J0$E

la giggles  6 years ago

like a lot or like 50 percent or u like jesus or lalo

WiiffEEEyy 6 years ago

uqh idk my love life is fucked up i like i like jose like 10 percent lalo like 40 percent n the rest 60 percent

la giggles  6 years ago

who is the other 60 to is it to jesus ................ man wiffeyy you betta get over him he is real playa

WiiffEEEyy 6 years ago

yeah the 60 is to jesus buh idqaf ftw i still like em lalo is a playa too

la giggles  6 years ago

yeah but u never now if lalo would be urs and not karinas

and to jesus we all noe he's a flirt

WiifffEyy 6 years ago

yeah i noe buh lalo is not qanan b here next here so i would get jesus bi jasmine not beinq here n yeah he is a flirt ahahaahahha

la giggles 6 years ago

if i would be u ... which ill never be u ...... i would get hooked up wit jose .... i say thiz so that ull foget about jesus and start meetin new ppl

WiiffEyyy 6 years ago

yeah that is true buh idk if he likes me ima qet off kay buh bye niqquh

clarissa 6 years ago

so i think it was alrighr

PUMPKIN 6 years ago


Gini3 6 years ago

wooooowwww st8

kawshn dws 6 years ago

0211502816 kall me

catherine 6 years ago

i fell inlove and got him taken away by my bestfriend we was together a year catherine.y.juan 5.8.09

N3cio 6 years ago

Goodaxs this poem is nice

raul valdez 6 years ago

i guess]

skeem 6 years ago

loving a gamgster is hard but whe you try it goes a long way

Obedullah Malangyar 6 years ago


mariana garcia 6 years ago

when u fall in love with someone that's its not ur s ...and u came two late fall in love with him ? and his still in ur mine but his just a lil playa lil gangster dosents have a good heart or good soul... he dosents care how u feel about them .....

necuo 5 years ago

DanG cRAzY tHIngs ,QuE no... FirMe . .

EsA LoCa X3 5 years ago

Soy Esa loCa de INDIO X3 ,CaLiFaS ,SuReNa !!.

QuE oNda to The HomIES qUe EsTaN ToRsIdOs ( LoCo ,LoqUiLLa ,eSA sHORty ,TinY ,BaMBaM ,FrOgIe ) y The ReST oF tHE HoMiEs . . . Be StRoNge AnD you'll bE oUt SooN ..!

MuCh G loVe ! . .

that one 5 years ago

U all sound stupid n ignorant get sum education

that one 5 years ago

U all sound stupid n ignorant get sum education

latrell 5 years ago

so all bros know we hate carbs n ms 13 n 18st to n fack all people who like the color blue ok im down for red n black n green is for money n red is for death n black is for soul ok my brother n sister who down for the mob n my mommy are my wife is down for the family ok people so watch your backs n you do not know who going to get you so all you is a hit so one body can here say help nim ha ha so i tell you people the boss is come to town n this is all im going to say

bandido 4 life 5 years ago

just dropping some firme south side bandido luv to yall taking over the valley yea is all bouth south side 4 life

Tears:. 5 years ago

I love dis peloncito but he loves hes homeys more


s.r 4 years ago

help me wiv a poem plz

sureno 13 kill niggas 4 years ago

poems suck cuz i cant find one show 1 love to all the surenos

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