Best Vampire Romance

~Vampire Romance Novels~

#1: Vampire Kisses

A popular teen romance that's not too sappy but won't let you put the book down. Raven is a vampire obsessed goth and her dream is to date one. One day, a mysterious boy and his butler move into the supposedly haunted mansion on the hill in Dullsville . It's up to goth girl Raven to check it out and find out who the mysterious heart throbbing night walker Alexander is. Join Raven as she goes on dangerous adventures that lead her into vampire's territories. Will Alexander turn Raven into his vampire bride and live happily ever after into the night? A must read for any vampire fan!

Author: Ellen Schrieber

Novel Series: Book 1-6 so far

Manga: Book 1-3 so far

Ongoing: Yes

Possible movie: Yes

Review: By far my favorite series as far as novels go. They even made it into a manga it was so popular. I'm curious to see how the movie turns out. Hopefully it won't be ruined like most series these days. I love the romance between Raven and Alexander. It's just the right amount of romance without going overboard. Anyone ages 12 and up will find this an entertaining read. I cannot put down any of these books once I began reading them. The characters are all very unique and it's interesting to watch the character's development. Well I won't give too much away, you'll just have to read for yourself!

#2: The Silver Kiss

A vampire romance that's different from the rest. Simon is a lonely vampire with a past that won't leave him alone. When he meets the lovely and calm Zoe, something stirs in him. She seems different from the rest of the humans. Can Zoe save him from his past and help him find peace? Will she listen and help him? Or will she be too afraid and run from him?

Author: Annette Curtis Klause

Ongoing: No, story completed

Review: This is my second favorite vampire novel I have read. The words and the imagery used touched me and I could feel the emotions in the characters. This story is beautiful and I actually stumbled upon it while I was on amazon buying books, so I decided to buy this as well. I only wish that there had been more since it was such a unique and wonderful story. Perhaps the author will write another vampire story. Simon is just so beautiful and I love how he is portrayed. A must read for anyone 12 years and up.

~Vampire Romance Manga/Anime~

#1 Vampire Kisses Manga

The manga follows Raven and her boyfriend Alexander as they find ways to stop Alexander's relatives as they plan to turn Dullsville into Vampville. Can they stop them in time? Join them as this adventure/romance continues.

Author: Ellen Schreiber

Art: Rem

Ongoing: Yes, manga vol.1-3 out so far

Review: My favorite part about the manga is how beautiful the art is. Alexander is mysterious and handsome. I think they did a great job with the art and Ellen of course knows how to write a good goth vampire romance. Teens will enjoy this manga adaption and the storyline is captivating as well. A must read for any manga fan!

#2 Vampire Knight

A special high school academy with a day class and a night class. The difference? The night class is full of vampires! Yuki, a seemingly ordinary human girl with a kind heart and big personality is a school guardian, alongside Zero who also is a school guardian. Together they keep peace at the school and are the only ones besides the headmaster that knows about vampires. Can vampires and humans live in harmony? And what does the pure blood vampire Kaname have to do with Yuki's past? Find out in this drama/romance that will keep you biting for more.

Author: Matsuri Hino

Ongoing: Yes

Season 1 and season 2 of the anime is completed so far


Review: This is my favorite vampire romance anime and manga. The characters are beautiful and it's impossible to stop reading or watching it. Both seasons seemed way too short to me as they were 13 episodes long each. Of course they did start the anime shortly after the manga began so it did catch up quickly. The manga is currently ongoing and they most likely won't start the next season till next year unfortunately. This is a must for any vampire fan if you read manga and watch anime. I love the love triangle between Kaname and Zero. Who will she choose? You'll have to find out for yourself!

#3 Bloody Kiss

Katsuragi inherits a mansion and vampires from a grandmother she never met. Will she let the vampires stay? Or will she kick them out? A comedy/romance about a girl with nothing but this mansion that was left to her after her grandmother passed away, with a handsome and arrogant vampire that hungers for her blood and for her to become his bride. But will she let him?

Author: Furumiya Kazuko

Ongoing: No, manga vol.1-2 completed

Vol.2 not out in english till Nov. 3rd

Review: I love this series so much, I wish it had gone on longer. It was hilarious when he would try to bite her, but she'd end up slapping him across the room. The vampires are beautiful and have unique personalities. And the love triangle with Katsuragi, Kuroboshi, and her child hood friend who tries to stop their affection in fear of her being tainted by a vampire is entertaining to watch.

#4  Millennium Snow

 Chiyuki Matsuoka is a sickly girl that won't live past the next snow fall. One day she meets Toya Kano a vampire who hates blood. He's 18 and can live for one thousand years.At the age of 18, he is supposed to take a partner where they will live out the thousand years together. Can Chiyuki show him that life is worth living? Will he be the one to save her?

Author: Bisco Hatori

Ongoing: On hold, manga vol.1-2 out so far

Review: This series is another must read for all you vampire romance lovers. He seems so different from the normal vampire since he hates blood and refuses to drink it. The character development is fun to watch as they grow and change. The only thing that saddened me, was when it cut off at the end. The author has currently put this series on hold to finish another series. I can only hope that this will be worth the wait!

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Comments 17 comments

charlie 7 years ago

I've been searching for some new vampire romance. Thank you for the reviews. I will check out the silver kiss.

wizgirl108 profile image

wizgirl108 7 years ago

Thanks. I've been trying to find books other than Twilight.

Zombie Chick profile image

Zombie Chick 7 years ago from Dead Land, California

I agree with you. Vampire kisses is 1 of my favorite series also. its so cute and romantic. and as for the silver kiss i also loved that in the end it made me cry lol. and the others i will b sure to read. Thanks

Mistylin 7 years ago

Another really good vampire romance manga/anime is Chibi Vampire or Karin.

Tom 6 years ago

I was looking at all the Sookie Stackhouse novels and then the old Anne-lady's vampire chronicles and couldn't help but buy some of the new kindle ones. I was searching on and found links to some of the new kindle digital editions and they're on sale!! so I bought a few. 7 bucks for a 20 dollar hardback is a deal in my book. What novels besides the romance vampire novels (twilight excluded) do you folks like?


kurosu yuuki 6 years ago

i like vampire knight.i love zero and i want to be a vampire.if i am yuuki,i'll choose zero.

Kogaui 6 years ago

I HIGHLY recommend reading Millenium Snow. Its like, an awesome vampire book with great romance, a tad of a love triangle and lots of intense moments.

missevil333 6 years ago

I like the Vampire Kisses series it's in my top ten. If u really like vampire romance books u should check out RICHELLE MEAD'S VAMPIRE ACADEMY SERIES. It one of the best vampire book I've read and a read a lot of books.




Jt 6 years ago

Two other excellent book series are Jr Wards Black Dagger Brotherhood and Amerlia At-Water Rhodes Den of Shadows series.

vampires4evr 6 years ago

This is my top 5 book list(not in order):

Twilight, Stephenie Meyer

Vampire Diaries, L.J Smith

Shiver, Maggie Stiefvater

Vampire Academy, Richelle Mead

Vampire Kisses, Ellen Schreiber

Manga books:

Vampire Knight

Vampire Knight,GUilty,


Rosario+Vampire 2

amandajol 6 years ago

awesome ill make sure to check those out :p

bannahblue profile image

bannahblue 6 years ago

i love vamps and werewolf's they are both so hot hot!!!!!

danny123 5 years ago

this boook izzzzzzzzzzzzz awsome

bloodrose 5 years ago

If your looking for good books (more adult) try the J.R. Ward books

Taylor 5 years ago

OMG I watched both season's of vampire knight, it may be short but DEFINTLY not a waste of your time to watch. It's amazing!! I never read the manga though..

me 5 years ago

me favorite was vampire knight me love it!!!!!!!!!!!! me happy know :) bunny (>o.o

jeremytorres profile image

jeremytorres 5 years ago

I love vampire novels and movies. They thrilled me up!Thanks for sharing this hub.Great job!

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