Best books for 12 year old girls

In this article we review some of the best books written for 12 year old girls, but we also look at some of the most popular contemporary works. I recommend that you keep the personality of the girl for whom you are buying a book in mind, when you pick one.

Island of the Blue Dolphins

This book is about a 12-year-old American Indian girl, Karana. Her people are moved by ship from the island on which they lived. As the ship leaves the island she realizes that her little brother has been left behind. She leaps into the water and swims back to the island to save him.

He dies shortly thereafter leaving her stranded and alone on the island. This is the story of how she survived on the island for 18 years. The book is based on a real life event.

Island of the Blue Dolphins is a winner of the "The Newberry Medal for Best Children's Book" and deservedly so, it is an absolutely inspiring tale.


This book is narrowly targeted at tween girls, certainly not for the rest of us. It explores the forbidden love between a human and a vampire, taking time to explore the emotions involved.

The story, like the movie, is pretty straight forward. It is well written and the author sets up several enjoyable interactions and scenarios for the characters. Bottom line, if you liked the movie, you'll love the book.

To Kill a Mockingbird

To Kill a Mockingbird is a Pulitzer Prize winning book written by Harper Lee. The book tells the story of two children, Scout and her brother Jem. It is set in 1930 Alabama during the Great Depression. As the summer starts Scout is struggling with her change from a child into a lady. Then her father, a lawyer in the town, is assigned to defend a black man accused of raping a white woman.

Considering what a great classic To Kill a Mockingbird is, it is very easy to read.

Miles to Go

Miley Cyrus AKA Hannah Montana is a wildly popular music/TV star. Very popular with 12 year old girls, not so much with the rest of us. The book is her well written autobiography and a must read for all her fans.

From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler

The book is a quirky comedy about Claudia Kincaid an almost 12 year old who is fed up with her limited television choices and low allowance. Together with her middle brother she runs away to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This starts them off on a charming adventure.

The Princess Diaries

This is a silly but entertaining story about a girl who lives a simple life with her mother. One day she finds out that her father is actually prince making her the crown princess. She goes of to their European country on an adventure.

The lead character has all the problems of a young teen: flat chest, bad hair, feet too big, cute boy doesn't khow she is alive.

The City of Ember

This is the story of 2 12 year olds, Lina and Doon. They live in the underground city of Ember. The city is having all kinds of problems with power cuts and food shortages. It turns out that the city was only built as a temporary shelter and the nuclear power plant is running out of fuel.

The builders wrote a plan for the citizens to leave Ember when this happens, but the document was lost. Lina who works as a messenger discovers the document.

The strongest points of the book are the relationship between Lina and Doon and the peculiarities of the society in the city of Ember. The book is a must read for your boys and girls alike.

If you enjoyed best books for 12 year old girls you should also read best toys for 3 year old girls and best books for 10 year old boys.

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cookie monster :) 3 years ago

I loved

twilight I thought it was very interesting

amrita redstarzz 5 years ago

i have read most of the books so far but i would recommend percy jackson ,twilight,nancy drew ,harr potter,vampirates and pretty little liars and much more or i would say the entire book store .keep reading kids

reading rox 5 years ago

no ones mention Angel or b buffy the vampire slayer Awesome Books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

randompersonyoullneverknow 5 years ago

I read those books( except the twilight series) in third grade!and twilight I read the first but it was a little too old 4 me.

I recommend The Red-headed Princess by Ann Rinaldi, The fairie Path series by Frewin Jones and I really enjoy the dear Canada and Dear America series, though they are a little easier, and also the Royal diaries series. And a REALLY REALLY funny book is the Phantom tool both, but I don't know the author.

some books I don't like are ones with witchcraft and all sorts of bad magic.

hanna marie 5 years ago

. My top 2

1. the secret series books by pseudonymous bosch... ( the 1st one is called the name of this book is secret)

2. when you reach me by rebecca stead

smiley person! 5 years ago

My Sister Jodie by Jacqueline Wilson is brilliant! i read it at least 6 times! sad ending, but i loved it.

A Series Of Unfortunate Events was really funny, sad and weird(in a good way of course)i read all of them in 2 weeks.If you're going to read them (which you should) read them from the begining otherwise you wont know what's going on.

Lily Alone by Jacqueline Wilson is really sad. Lily's Mam goes on holiday to Spain with her new boyfriend for a week and she leaves 11-year-old Lily to mind her younger sisters and brother. Her siblings get restless so Lily brings them on 'a camping trip' to the park, thinking everything will be OK. (OBVIOUSLY IT WON'T)

Jane Blonde series! the covers of the books look babyish but don't judge a book by its cover. It's about Janey Brown undercovers all the secrets of her dad, who is said to be dead, and joins SPI the secret society that used to be owned by her father, and suddenly she's Jane Blonde, sensational spylet. (that's the name of the first book - sensational spylet)

Hannah 5 years ago

everyone should read HARRY POTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

secretseriesfan 5 years ago

I also loooovvvvveee the secret series by pseudonymous bosch!!!!!!! must read series!!!!!!!

12yroldreader 5 years ago

i am in love with the secret series by pseudonymous bosch. The books are...

1. The name of this book is secret

2. If you're reading this, it's too late

3. This book is not good for you

4. This isn't what it looks like

5. you have to stop this ( comes out september 2011)

I read all of these amazing books in 2 weeks. :)

Sophie 5 years ago

OK, I just have to comment on this.

Here's some book for 12-14 year old girls and I guess some for boys.

1. Taking Terri Mueller by Norma Fox Mazer

2. The Hunger Games Series by Suzanne Collins (The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, Mockingjay)

3. The Giver by Lois Lowry

4. Messenger by Lois Lowry

5. Gathering Blue by Lois Lowry

6. Molly Moon's Incredible Book of Hypnotism by Georgia Byng

7. Gossamer by Lois Lowry

8. Wings by Aprilynne Pike

9. Running Out of Time by Margaret Peterson Haddix

10.Turnabout by Margaret Peterson Haddix

11. Found, Sent, Sabatoged Series by Maragret Peterson Haddix (All separate books)

12. Starring Sally J. Freedman As Herself by Judy Blume (This book is NOT like her other books, if you know what I mean. It's about a girl in the 1940s who's terrified og Hitler returning and lives in Florida because her brother's sick.)

Hope that helped!

Madeline B. 5 years ago

I forgot 2:

1. Sphinx's Princess

2. The 39 Clues

Madeline B. 5 years ago

My top 10:

1. The Inheritance Cycle (Eragon

2. Harry Potter

3. The Hunger Games

4. Percy Jackson and The Olympians

5. The Hobbit

6. Diary of a Wimpy Kid

7. The Lord of The Rings

8. Twilight

9. Double Identity

10. Found

(I am 12 years old)

ImInLove@12YearsOld 5 years ago

I cant stand Miley Cyrus but the book is ok. ;)

5 years ago

i'm 12 and haven't read any of those.


Stolen by Lucy Christopher

Saving Rafael by Lesilie Wilson

Girl Missing by sophie Mckenzie

Spilt by a Kiss by Luisa Plaja

cookie  5 years ago

I pearsonaly think that Milery Cyrus is the WORST singer on the planet Like sereasly she sucks why would they write a book about her UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.................................. COME ON SHE SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bridget 5 years ago

city of ember... worst book ever a\had to rread it for school and it sucked i would literally fall asleep and i actually like adventure stories but that one shouldn't have been published..

12 year old girl and luvin it! 5 years ago


anonymous 5 years ago

the princess diaries are sooooo good! i just finished the series (10 books) and they AMAZING. any girl who loves a bit of romance in their books must take a look at these books!

brunette 5 years ago

I have read the following books between the ages of 10-12 and think that they are great:

-the mystereous benedict crew ( a little confusing but still great)

-charlie bone

-blue sky freedom

-sweet valley high

- hoot

-the power of one (a bit more for boys)

would read theese books asap!!!!!!!!!

10yearsoldforever(not)tails 5 years ago

dah!!!this is sooo easy

1. Harry Potter(my favs)

2. Inkheart,Inkspell, and Inkdeath soooop cool

3. Twilight Seires

4. Conspiracy 365 (all 12)

5. Diary of a Wimpy Kid (easy but a funny read)

6. Dork Diary's 9same as Wimpy kid

7. Alll Cathy Cassidys Books

8. Charlie Bone

BTW These book r great i would reaed them ASAP!!!!

LOL tails

Aoife 5 years ago

It's sad that girls are saying they're favourite books are Twilight when really they only went out and bought that book because Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner. I don't think any of you understand the deep underlying moral and the poetic sense of the book. Most 12-year-old these days just read the words and take no time to understand the deep emotion behind the books. I am lucky to be raised by parents who are different in a good way and I see things differently.

Readingaddict 5 years ago

This a list of must reads for 12 yr olds:

The northen lights = by phillip pullman

when you reach me = by rebecca stead

the hobbit= by j.r.r.Tolkien

i love books 5 years ago

i love twilight and it is sutible for any one who loves reading romance/vamp/werewolves p.s. team jacob!

tootsiepop 5 years ago

When you reach me by rebecca stead is a MUST READ!

Tania Cowling profile image

Tania Cowling 5 years ago from Florida

Nice article - will keep these books in mind when I shop for my niece.

lolly 5 years ago

I think Alyson Noel is an amazing writer and that all of her books are sensational.

sydney 5 years ago

the hunger games

the roar

lilypotter 5 years ago

I love most books but here are the book suggestions from an 11 year old girl:

Harry Potter Series(I READ EACH BOOK 5 TIMES)


Ella Enchanted


The Cronus Chronicles (not that good but a good read)

Island of the Blue Dolphins

Criss Cross

Inkheart, Inkspell,Inkdeath (one of my sequels)

Little Princess


The Secret Garden

I love all of the above books and a couple more that I can't remember the titles of right now.:D

reading lover 5 years ago

i love to read and i read all the books on this list. you should also try out these books too-

1.phoenix rising

2.the humphrey books

3.a begona to mrs applebalm

4.esperanza rising

these are the best books i've read so far!!!

girl 5 years ago

fablehaven is the best book ever if you haven't read it you need to if you have a howrse account look me up im scottpon and sign my i love fablehaven book i also liked the gideon trilogy series

6 years ago

Silent to the bone

Al capon dose my shirts

Hunger games

Catching fire

Mocking jay

Sisterhood of the traveling pants

Hope was here

Face on the milk carton

Nancy drew series ( not the 21 century ones with cell phones, the really old ones)

The kite runner ( a bit older maybe)

Anne of green gables

A solitary blue

Other side of dark

Hi 6 years ago

Mrs.Fisby and the rats of niph

Al Capone does my shirts


dear dumb diary(easy but a fun read)

little prince



from theixed up files of miss.Basil E. Frank weller

good dogs

YOESEL 6 years ago


Grace 6 years ago

Duh Harry Potter!!! Why was that not up there? Any but of course one of the books i love that almost gets tyed with it is MAXIMUM RIDE!! Start with the first one The Angel Experiment. I also love the Alex Rider Series, The Percy Jackson series, The Uglies, Fairest, Matched, Frannie In Pieces, Something Like Fate, Among The Hidden, Flipped, The Ordinary Princess, Ever, Beast (a rendition of Beauty and the Beast), The View From Saturday and Many Sci-Fi Books!!!! Hope I helped!

annemarie 6 years ago

i loved wenny has wings very sad

Girl 12  6 years ago

Umm i don't know what u should read i liked these

The Mother Daughter Book Club

Harry Potter (best book ever)

The Cure by Greeta Anand( very Sad)

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Beacon Street Girls

The Clique

And ya but don't read gossip girls to ugh werid

Lily L. 6 years ago

Okay, let's sort out the huge, messed up list of awesome books in mind... starting from must reads, or you'll be missing out EVERYTHING.

1. Maximum Ride (12-16)

2. Twilight (13-18)

3. Harry Potter (10-15)

Now for my personal list of favorites:

1. Maximum Ride (9/10)

2. The Hunger Games (8.5/10)

3. Percy Jackson and the Olympians (8/10)

4. The House of Night (7.8/10)

5. The Red Pyramid (7.7/10)

6. Vampire Academy (7.6/10)

7. Twilight (7/10)

8. Harry Potter (6/10)

9. Animorphs (5.6/10)

10. M.I. High (5.1)

Now for what the world thinks:

Harry Potter


Lord of the Rings

Maximum Ride

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Phantom of the Opera


Song of the Lioness

Gossip Girl

Chronicles of Narnia

Chees 6 years ago

I would recommend junie b, series by barbara park cause it's really funny and magictree house by mary pope o. and goosebumps by r.l. stine and many more i've collected many books now. oh BOOKS , WITHOUT IT MY LIFE WOULD BE IMPOSSIBLE!!!

a girl 6 years ago

Hey it's a Girl again do you know AR book find? well our school does this thing where we have to get a goal of 20 points and the books on their don't have big points i need one that's like 8-10 points i have 4 points right know and the end og the quarter is in 2 weeks! HELP!!! i need a good book that alot of points hear cheak out the website it is...... HELP!!!

a person who you don't need to know 6 years ago

Somebody NEEDS to mention the Inheritance series; I read them in a week and each of the 3 books(soon to be 4) is about 800-1000 pages! I am a pretty avid reader, but you guys need to read them! Read them NOW!

12kk 6 years ago

If who ever wrote this page didn't include Fable Haven, Harry Potter, or Hunger Games is out of their minds! I loved them. You guys NEED to add to this list! Like, NOW! seriously, dudes you have to.

babypinklover 6 years ago

If you did not say MAXIMUM RIDE you are wrong!!! Best book in the world!!!!! I read the series in a week. FYI i do not read that much. READ THEM NOW!!!!!!!!

TEAM FANG!!!!!!!!!!

skier653 6 years ago

My fav. books is Percy Jackson, Perfect, Scat, Mocking Jay, The Lost Hero, Stargirl, Heartbeat, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Ugly Truth, and more...

samia 6 years ago

Twilight saga, Harry Potter, A series of unfortunate events, Maximum Ride, The 39 clues, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and Fablehaven, are all my favorite book series's. i read island of blue dolphins, twilight, [obviously] and city of ember before.ever notice how they made movies out of all 3 of them.

Lord Voldemort 6 years ago

Tw!l!ght is a horrible book. It is messed up and not good for ANYONE to read. DOn't read it. Harry Potter is so much better.

tay 6 years ago

i loved the secret series like the name of this book is secre, if you're reading this its too late, this book is not good for you, and this isn't what it looks like

jmefrm nz 6 years ago

i have read miles to go and i loved it.i have read percy jackson it was awesome i loved city of ember.

i would like to recommend a book its called water and it is about a girl called yully and she has ashtma really bad and she gets kidnapped and is used as a science experiment

awesome book



Emilay 6 years ago

I would recommend two books. The first one is "Beastly" its like the modern version of Beauty and the Beast. It might sound kind of corny but i thought it was a great book. The second book is "Hush Hush". Its a romance novel with a big mystery and tons of action that goes on in it. I really enjoyed these books and i hope you will too. (If you don't want to read the book Beastly then the good news is that they are making it a movie!)

Jordyn 6 years ago

i read Twilight. it was THE BEST BOOK I HAVE EVER READ. i also read city of ember. in case you didn't know, it was made into a movie and it was a very good remake. the first second and last are best, and tird is nore of telling you what you wanted to know wile you were reading 1+2. good books you should also read:

Coffeehouse angel

Wicked lovliy* (for little bit older kids; about 14-15)

The mortal instuments

new moon*, eclipse* + breaking dawn*

The shadow children series*

double identity

Kidnapped: the abduction; the search; the rescue*

sphynx's princess

shiver*; linger*; forever (forever coming out spring 2011)

matilda (really easy read, takes like an hour)

*must reads*

Dana 6 years ago

I forgot to mention Locket of Dreams, it was really good!

Dana 6 years ago

I love Harry Potter, the Ingo series by helen Dunmore and I am up to the 5th book in the series of tomorrow when the war began. The tomorrow when the war began series is really good, i can't put it down! I also love Nancy Drew books, especially the ones with a great mystery. Keep reading!

Rikki 6 years ago

Im a pretty big reader but im very picky.... If a book dosentmake me interested in the first few chapters then i get rid of it,so some amazing books i think Are the dairy queen series, gallager girls series, nature girl, beastly, and daughter of the sea... Those r my all time Favs

Freya (age 12) 6 years ago

Two authors who definitely deserve looking into are Sally Nicholls and Juilie Hearn. Sally Nicholls has only written 2 books so far but it's quality not quantity. They may not be the most challenging and certainly doable to read them each in 1 day, but Ways to live Forever is now my favourite book. Though it has a sad ending it is beautifully written and i highly suggest it. Her other book is also very good and is called Season of secrets.

Julie Hearn is a wonderful author and all of her books have exactly the right pinch of humour and sadness within them. Some of my favourites by her are Follow me Down, The Merrybegot and Rowan the Strange. Her plots are all wonderfully varied and you will never get bored of her lovely style.

One other book you should read is My name is Mina. It is by David Almond and is brilliant with the amazing insight to a young girl taking in the world around her. It has no stereotypical rubbish in it whatsoever and is a purely great read. it is also the prequel to skellig which is also a great book.

There are so many great books you have to read and i think these are some of them. xx

different 12 year old girl 6 years ago

for any 12 year old girl who wants a laugh there are no better books to read than the georgia nicolson series by louise renninson. Hilarious, laugh out loud writing that will have anyone who reads it in tears of laughter.they are awesome!!! :)

Carmen 6 years ago

OMG!! If you already haven't you should def. read The Princess Diaries. Although it can be a little suggestive, it's really good =) -Carmen

sarah p 6 years ago

the twilight saga is my favorite book series ever!!!!!!!!!!! TEAM EDWARD

Aishwarya chander ( age 12) 6 years ago

who bought up precy jacksons name?????? bless u!

gee i looooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the series ive read the whole thing its FABULOUS AWESOME AMAZING!!!!! i suggest it to EVERYONE!!!!

ALL HEIL "percy jackson and the olyempians"

here are the list of all the books-

1 percy jackson and the lightining thief

2 percy jackson and the sea of monsters

3 percy jackson and titans curse

4 percy jackson and the battle of the labyrinth

5 percy jackson and the last olyempian

that's the last one!!!

hope u enjoy

oxoxoxo percy!

KT 6 years ago

I'd definitely recommend that you read all the Harry Potter and Twilight series of books! The Percy Jackson series is also a must-read and the sisters grimm is awesome!

Inkheart, Inkspell and Inkdeath by Cornelia Funke are some of my favourites along with A Series of Unfourtunate Events by Lemony Snicket, The SpiderWick Chronicles by and His Dark Materials by Phillip Pullman.

For those of you who are a bit younger than 12 should also try out any of The Magic Faraway Tree books by Enid Blyton.

All of these are great books and i'll never forget them. YOU MUST READ THEM!

liena 6 years ago

ive read diary or wimpy kid even though its a boys kind of book its hallarios im a girly girl even thugh i think that book and its series are the best books ive ever read it takes me to a tottaly different world. im not sure about the author but just type it into google and you'll fin it cuz there very popular you all must MUST read them!!! i swer there amazing!

Lily 6 years ago

my favourite book so far is DEFINITELY percy Jackson GOOOO percy jackson! but i have written a book called the double dilemma, and i am ten. other books that i recommend are;

looking for JJ, by Anne Cassidy

all michael morpurgo books

i advise you to try any of sophie mckenzie or eva ibbotson

Kara 6 years ago

I loved the twilight series,and the novella "the short second life if Bree tanner" was a really good book good for 12-16 year olds little inapropreate for tinged kids (breaking dawn,book 4)

but overall amazing series

Courtney Lerman (yes it is me!) 6 years ago

Percy Jackson

The Clique

Sisters Grimm

pickypicky 6 years ago

i REALLY am in a HELP SITUATION i'm reading one last wish by; lurlene mcdaniel but what do i read next help!!!! and i need help any sugestions thx!!

Princess Claire 6 years ago

For those of you who didn't read princess diaries, YOU NEED TO RIGHT NOW !!!!!!!!!!! It's the best books on this planet !! I LOVE PRINCESS DIARIES !! It's a very good book ! hope you like it :D

sydney 6 years ago

hated island of the blue dolphin. im sorry, but it was extremely boring and lame. "ooh, i cant survive!!!!!!" "oh, no, rontu my pet wolf that i tamed died!! im soo sad!!" yah boohoo noonecares. loved twilight!! go team jacob!! i enjoyed the mixed up files in fourth grade. right now i am obsessed with percy jackson!!!!!!!!! GOOOOOOOOOOO PERCY JACKSON!!!!!!!!!!!

Gaby 6 years ago

The BEST book i have ever read is MAXIMUM RIDE!! BY FARR!! It is HILARIASSSSS, sweet, and funnnn! Trust me this is the BESSTT book EVER!!!!!! :D

Eliza 6 years ago

The by far best series is Uglies it might sound like a girly non-fiction book but it's a mix between science fiction and fantasy in the Series it goes Uglies Prettiest Specials then Extras. A have to read thriller also includes some romance perfect for a teenage girl!

julie 6 years ago

Great books I enjoy reading Lily's Crossing by Patricia Reilly Griff and The Wrestling Game By Ellen Raskin also two others The Confessions of Charlotte Doyle by Avi also last but not least Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbit oh and so sorry Theodore Boone Kid Lawyer By John Grashim! Hope you enjoy my book list!

12yearoldgirl...(again) 6 years ago

i just found out about this book called wings and lately ive been reading a really good series called the sisterhood of the travelling pants by ann brashares. i know the name of the book is a bit weird but they're soooo goood!!!OOOh and at the moment ive nearly finished this book called scatterheart and that would be in the top 10 boks ive read so far and btw ive read a lot of books in my lifetime so far

Haley 6 years ago

Eleanor's Story is a great book.......the best I have ever read.........I love Harry Potter.......I would also recommend The Shadow Children series. All great books

Mackenzie 6 years ago

Some of these books are not very good for twelve year olds. They are too easy. Any Nicholas Sparks novel is good!

Pavithra 6 years ago

Wish I could suggest hobbit and lord of rings would be great. Just enjoy reading these books.

Pavithra 6 years ago

I loved reading the island of blue dolphins and Anne frank's diary. I wish i could read even to kill a mockingbird. I even suggest the chicken soup books would be great and even Agatha Christie books would be enjoyable.

12yearoldgirl 6 years ago

I've read Island of the Blue Dolphins, Twilight and I was thinking about reading City of Ember.

I think I would say that some other good books would be Anne Frank's Diary(the diary of a young girl), the Harry Potter series, any books by Jaqueline Wilson, I think some comics are OK like Maximum Ride or Bone, Inkheart, The Year We Disappeared, Marley and Me(sad ending), The Graveyard Book, Stealing Stacey(some pretty hilarious situations in it!!) and books by Morris Gleitzman.

I hope that advice helped a little!!

? Person 7 years ago

I LOVED reading The Mixed Up Files...I read it in fourth grade and loved it. The Island... was also really good (read that in fourth grade too). Another good book I suggest is Things Not Seen by Andrew Clements. Over the summer I read Jacob Have I Loved by Kathleen Gordon. There are so many books to read. I suggest a gift card to a book store. Good job on your research, author of this hub!

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    best book for 12 year old girls
    best book for 12 year old girls
    best books for 12 year old girls
    best books for 12 year old girls

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