Best mystery books for kids

Kids love mystery books, because of the fun and unexpected turns the story takes. As a parent I like books books which keep them coming back for more.

When it comes to mystery books I feel that the puzzle elements of the stories change how kids look at the world. It gets them looking at facts in a more logic way and it causes them to question things, which they would have otherwise accepted.

In this article we will review some of the best mystery books for kids.

Hardy Boys

Age: 8 years and older

The set has the first five books from the Hardy Boys series, in it. I use to love reading these books as a boy and sharing them with my kids has been great fun.

The Tower Treasure
The Tower Treasure is the first book in the series. In it the Hardy's friend Chet has his car stolen. At the same time $40,000 goes missing from Tower Mansion. As the Hardy boys investigate, they find that the 2 events are related. It becomes a race against time as the Hardy boys try to unmask the thief, before he escapes justice.

The books are packed with motorcycles, speed boats, peril and action.

In my opinion the Hardy Boys books are the best mystery books for boys.

Nancy Drew

Age: 8 years and older

The set has the first 6 books of the series.

Secrets Can Kill
In Secrets Can Kill Nancy Drew goes under cover to investigate a theft at Bedford High School. It seems like a piece of cake, but then Nancy's prime suspect is murdered. Does the gorgeous class president Daryl Gray have something to do with it? Has Nancy's cover been blown? You'll have to read the book to find out.

Nancy Drew's strong female lead character has been an inspiration for young girls over the last few decades. The books have been updated somewhat, to keep them inline with modern times.

The Nancy Drew books have a timeless quality which helps to make them best mystery books for girls.

Nate the Great

Age: 4 to 8 years

Nate the Great is a fun mystery book for younger kids. The book starts out with Nate having a big breakfast of pancakes. Shortly after that Nate is contacted by his friend Annie. The yellow painting she did of her dog Fang is missing. Nate leaves a message to his mom and then sets off to look for clues.

The stories of this little Sherlock Homes, in the making, is very popular with young kids. So much so that they have publish 26 of them. Some of the bestare: Nate The Great Stalks Stupid Weed, Nate The Great And The Halloween Hunt and Nate The Great And The Mushy Valentine.


Age: 8 years and older

The Goosebump books are full of horror and mystery. They are a bit like Stephen King novels, but for kids.

Stay Out Of The Basement
In this book a girl's scientist father has been acting weirdly. She start to think that he might be half-man and half-plant.

The girl ventures into her father's basement lab to get to the bottom of the mystery. There she finds that her father's plant clone has locked him up.

I found these books to be more funny than scary, but kids seem to love them.

If you enjoyed Best mystery books for kids you should also read best science books for kids and best math books for kids.

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karlee 5 years ago

my favorite book is deep and dark and dangourus

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    Best mystery book for kids
    Best mystery book for kids
    Best kids mystery books
    Best kids mystery books

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