Best Sweet Sixteen Boyfriend To This Day


How lucky could I be~

To just turn sweet sixteen~

Having a handsome lad~

Caring and liking me.


His eyes green prisms~

His nose cute and round~

His hair lightened golden~

Mostly thick and brown.


His teeth large squared~

Like porcelain whitely crowned~

Set in slightly from plush~

Soft plump lips no other~

Like could be found.

His cheeks pouchy cute~

Dimples as a babes~

They would astound.


His skin smooth with~

Bronze tone exposed~

A darkened shade~

As the sun made tan.


He often wore a white~

Painters cap.

His own style~

He made as dress.


A preppy zippered~

Blue sweat shirt~

Striped track sneakers.

Those tightly fitted~

Faded sexy jeans~

As he was lean.


A red cowboys kerchief~

He sported round his neck.

Cool mirrored pilot~

Sun glasses making Elvis~

Look spent.


I just turned sixteen~

Blazingly driving~

My dads green Grand Torino~

When I met a crew~

Of teenagers~

Who hung around~

The golden arches~

Of the local McDonalds.


There he was~

Gazed fixed on me~

So much I am~

Sure I blushed~

And felt to flee.


He said not a word~

While others started~

Noticing beginning~

To suspect unreknowned~

To me we were~

Inequitably growing~

Each to the other~

A crush indeed.


Finally he approached~

With a quite bashful~

Nervous demeanor~

Asking timid polite~

“I Friday he could~

Take me out to dinner”.


Nervously strung I said yes~

As I reeled inside! ~

My very first boyfriend! ~

I thought I would~

Just die!


Come to find out~

He was twenty two~

Always quite~

Few words~

And relentlessly shy.


He as a hobby drove~

Various cool vehicles~

An MGB, Corvette~

Camaro, and a Mustang 44~

Changing them over.


Two years flew on~

As happy as we~

Could be!

Love letters he sent~

Periodic and endlessly.


The mail box flowed~

With secret surprise~

Roses left. ~

Dreamy kisses, hugs~

Were all that was spent.


Than came the Junior Prom~

Me in a halter~

Shimmering blue gown~

Him in a powder blue~

Tuxedo, boutonnière~

And a corsage for me to wear~

We looked more than fair.


Alas the date~

I waited arrived~

He never came~

I realized~

He had stood me up~

From there forth~

For me things were~

Never the same. ~

But not yet did I~

Give up even though~

I knew he was to blame.


I grew eighteen~

Maturing into a different girl~

Which needed~

To drop college guy~

For real and for sure.


The drive we took~

We generally had gone~

Cut short by my request. ~

The talk repeats itself~

To me solace haunting~

Within my mind~

To this day I regret.


He upset wasn’t the word~

When he dropped me off~

This summer early eve~

His beautiful mouth~

Quivering puckered spouted~


In a spiteful nasty way. ~

As he ready to speal off.


I thought I said~

It nicely~

I did what I had to do. ~

What hurt~

What insult~

But what was a girl to do?


I ran as fast as I could~

To my bedroom~

Filled with his sweet~

Trinkets, roses, ~

And memories.


I watched out~

The warmed air~

Screened window~

As he peeled~

His car away~

Obviously angry~

And frayed!


Oh how I can still hear~

His MGB wyynndd~

Home town~

To the next~

The sound~

Of a heart broken~

I was sincerely sorry~

It was his.


A perfect sweet sixteen~

Boyfriend there will never~

Again could be. ~

He was the nicest~

Special treasure~

For a gal like me.


The years went by. ~

A college professor~

Would brag of his fame. ~

How humble now~

I know he was at his~

Every game.


More years passed~

When my younger~

Sister yapped~

Telling of her~

And other giddy girls~

Saw him now~

As a Prince Charming~

To have.

The same Knight~

In shinning armor~

That doted once on me~

In the past.


In my thirties~

I reflected~

As I learned more~

Experiences of life. ~

Understanding greater~

It came clear to me~

What a perfect young~

Man he had been for me. ~

Polite enough~

To keep me chaste~

And unharmed~

As I was so much~

Younger than he.


My forties I moved~

Back from whence~

We had come~

I made the bold decision~

I called to thank him~

For being the perfect~

Pure heart in my~

Mind he had even~

More risen even more fine!


He sounded so happy! ~

He was bub-a-bly! ~

Content this day! ~

So talk-ka-tive~

I questioned~

Was this the same shy~

Man this way?


He bragged of his~

Beautiful children~

And their whimsical ways~

He chimed of his~

Chosen career! ~

His choice happily laid!


How grateful we both~

Were for his joy! ~

I was so happy~

For him~

So glad I touched base~

Ecstatic for him for all~

His life based!


I stated why~

I called~

For to thank him on this day~

He the perfect sweet sixteen~

Boyfriend a gal could~

Ever had in her life~

Now stayed.


How now I realized it~

How grateful he touched~

My teens~

How blessed he made~

Sure I never really strayed.

How blessed it all fit to this day.


We said our Goodbye’s~

With both joy in our hearts~

For blessings that we each~

Were content, satisfied~

Gladly once again~

Now to sweetly part~

With all of it, ~

this a blessing now in art.


Since than I’ve heard~

His story sad~

Tragic many heads~

Do bend.


Now sweet memories~

In my soul to myself~

Know I made appreciative~

Harmony may he~

Rest in peace.


Jesus needed this~

Man more~

God wanted him~

With He. ~

His children’s loss~

A mournful sorrow.


Yet the best sweet sixteen~

Boyfriend a gal~

Could ever have~

Still to this day…



Lisa J. Warner


Lisa Luv

Dedicated to sweet memory writings lived.



Subject to Rewrite







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camlo profile image

camlo 7 years ago from Cologne, Germany

Normally, I switch off when it comes to anything that might be like anything like poetry.

But I really enjoyed this. Had me glued to my screen from start to finish.

A wonderful, bitter-sweet story.

Nicely done!

All the best, Camlo

DeBorrah K. Ogans profile image

DeBorrah K. Ogans 7 years ago

Lisa Luv, Beautifful Poem! I am most grateful and thank God, that I married my sweet sixteen! Five married children and fifteen grandchidren later I can still say that he is the "LOVE" of my life! Wonderful photos! Thank you for sharing, Blessings!

Lisa Luv profile image

Lisa Luv 7 years ago from Conneticut, USA Author

DeBorrah what a nice story of your own! And Camlo I am so glad my poem story ended up being an exception to your rule. I am honored by both you taking the time to read. It was a long tedious one to write and almost didn't make it here. Blessings to both of you:)

ralwus 7 years ago

camio doesn't know poetry as we do. shame too. this is a great tribute to your old flame. I really enjoyed it bitter sweet as it is. Thanks for sharing. Loved it. CC

Lisa Luv profile image

Lisa Luv 7 years ago from Conneticut, USA Author

Thank You ralwus.

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