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Let's face it, sometimes things can get overwhelming. Maybe you're a single mother trying to provide for her children? Maybe you're teen who's trying to get through the every day stress of high school? We've all been there, that point when it just hasn't been your day or even your week and nothing seems to go the right way. That's where I was a few days ago. I had a pretty stressful week and I was at a mental standpoint where I couldn't get myself out of the funk I had been in for a few days. So, I did what I always do when I need a little pick-me-up. I let my mind hang on this simple thought....


I’d like to take a journey

On a winding road

Past the lush green pastures

Not knowing where to go

Toward the distant mountains

Past the rolling hills

Onto open landscapes

Where no one dare to build

Maybe toward the ocean

Where no one can be seen

Or somewhere even better

Like somewhere in my dreams


Bethany Lynn Vine ©

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SilentReed profile image

SilentReed 5 years ago from Philippines

Enjoyed your poetry and looking forward to more eclectic writing. Welcome to Hubpages. I hope you have a pleasant journey :)

Stump Parrish profile image

Stump Parrish 5 years ago from Don't have a clue, I'm lost.

I will with hold judgement until I read some more of your writing. I enjoyed this enough to follow you.

BethanyLynn211 profile image

BethanyLynn211 5 years ago from Bangor, Pa Author

Thank you SilentReed =] I love getting feedback on my writing and I can tell I'm going to enjoy Hubpages already.

kafsoa profile image

kafsoa 5 years ago

Least but best:) I've enjoyed it very much although it's very short "this might be the secret" Good luck writing and hope to read more from you Bethany. Rated up and beautiful.

downpourofwords profile image

downpourofwords 5 years ago from Dallas, Texas, USA

Short and sweet. keep writing

epigramman profile image

epigramman 5 years ago

..and that is exactly where I would like to go ... somewhere in your dreams - the dreams of which you write and with a title like the one which caught my attention - I bet it's quite an amazing journey indeed and I am anticipating another poetic road trip with you ......welcome to hubland and keep writing from the heart and the mind will always follow .....

Mrs. J. B. profile image

Mrs. J. B. 5 years ago from Southern California

Beautifully written. Great work and again welcome to hub pages.


LeeLee aka Mrs. J. B.

epigramman profile image

epigramman 5 years ago

.....back to revisit a classic ....and of course a classic writer at the top of her craft ....

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