Beyond Reach


Beyond Reach

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

Each step closer,

each breath nearer

to the beginning

of ends, the cessation

of ignorance.

I wallow in my humanity,

my plight fated,

my heart sealed,

the gift of foresight

a whisper away.

I tread my path

strewn with the debris

of my learning,

the craggy remnants

of folly,

to reach for a truth

I cannot embrace.

Within my human walls

a battle rages,

a broken man

struggling with divinity.

How I long for resolution,

the cool abiding truth

of understanding,

the plan,

as distant as it is.

Confusion is a meek mind,

attached too closely

to the human state.

I do not seek death,

not yet,

but truth plagues my heart,

a heart open

to the swell of voices,

the enticement of

beyond reach.

Quell my aching heart,

I cannot let go just yet,

my living is not done.

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