Big-Hand Slim

Big-Hand Slim
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You might say Big-Hand Slim is rather fond of fashion.

From the authentic Navajo beading of his hat-band to his distinctive custom gila-monster-hide boots with contrasting copperhead-skin toes and heels — only $4650 a pair at Randy’s Ranch of Dude Stuff — he clearly loves to paint a pretty picture when he’s home on the range.

Despite his misleadingly confrontational High Noon-ish stance, Big-Hand is no gunslinger. In fact, you’ll notice that he never even wears a sidearm. (He is much more fond of his hibiscus hat-topper.)

No, Slim has no need of Colt or Remington or Winchester. For just the mere snap of his well-aimed and prodigious digits can fell a sharpshooter at more than 150 yards. 

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