Birthday Suprise

Be Careful What You Wish For...

Now this story only goes back to 2006 when a good friend came by the house to have a few drinks and hang out for a few on his birthday. The next day was a work day for both of us so we decided to try to wrap things up a little earlier than usual-- that meant sometime before 1am. About 11:30 or so the beer starts getting low so its time to make one last run to the store. He decides to make the run by himself while I use the time to heat up some food we had earlier.

About 30 minutes later he comes through the door not only with the beer, but with this chick he picked up She's not too bad looking either, but where on earth he found her between my house and the liquor store is beyond me. I say this because back then I lived in a desolate barren neighborhood where nobody with any sense would be walking around after dark. Normally this would be a great situation-- its obvious she's down for at least a little fun since she has little reservation about being in a house late at night with two men she just met. I'm thinking "here we go again" The thought runs through my mind because this isn't a first. We've been baggin chicks together on and off for the last 20 years-- Started back in High School and really never stopped just slowed down a bit.

However, in this particular instance, something doesn't quite seem right and I'm feeling a little reluctant about jumping this chick's bones even if she is down. But of course, my friend is thinking totally otherwise. After a few drinks and a couple of drinks she goes to the bathroom and I take the opportunity to suggest he take her to his house and I'll skip this one. He's got absolutely no problem wtih that and a short while later they break out and I turn in to get some sleep before work the next day.

Around 4:30 in the morning, someone is banging on my door like crazy. Guess who it is... Yup, its my friend who is definitely not looking in the same good mood as when he left. Turns out he didn't take her to his house because he couldn't wait that long to hit it. From what he tells me, this girl had a room mate and the three of them sat in the the living room for a hot minute before he and the chick he had at my house weht to the bedroom. So far, so good.

Here's where it gets nasty-- while he was getting his groove on in the bedroom, the other chick goes into his jacket and takes his car keys, goes outside, uses the alarm chip to find out which car it is, takes the car and sells it to a bunch of thugs in the neighborhood. Problem is it's his parents car and they expect to see it in the driveway tomorrow. It takes two weeks to get it back, a lot of red tape and running back and forth from the police station to the impound yard before things get back to normal. The good thing is that he got the car back with minimal damage. The funny thing is that this even hasn't slowed him down one bit, but it sure as hell taught me a lesson. Becareful what you wish for... you may get it.

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