Birthright: The Princes of Uvieroein Book 2

Introduction to the Princes of Uvieroein Series

A prophecy declared in a galaxy millions of miles and light years away from earth. "When moon embraces sun, it emits new light."

The one to arrive will awaken the life force, the Zraschein, of the planet which has laid dormant for thirty Nabalar years. That life force must be awakened in order for the people to reproduce and the planet to flourish.

The Z'raschein can only be awakened when the prince's inner energy is awakened, his Z'rascheus. This life force is connected through the royal clan only. The prince must first find his life partner in order for his people to reproduce as their life forces are interlocked.

The Oracles declared that that a child would be born who would save Nabalar, which is only one planet in a galaxy of thirteen planets. The Oracles were right, but what they didn't count on was that she would not only save Nabalar, but would fight to save the entire galaxy from the evil overlord known as Heilfelst.

She has arrived and has awakened the Z'raschein. Now that her presence has alerted the evil overlord, there is much chaos. With the awakening of one prince, the overlord is afraid that the the others will seek their awakening and his evil plans to diminish each planet would fail.

Not only does he work to prevent this from happening, he also searches for the Blearix, the ultimate source of Uvieroein power. A source which cannot diminish. However, the Oracles have warned him, "That which you so eagerly seek may be your ultimate debacle."

Book 1 Awakening: The Prince of Nabalar is available on Amazon.

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Birthright: Chapter 1

Ariella stood by the bedroom window overlooking Nabalar’s expansive gardens. The Alzanuas, which were always in bloom, flourished more so now than when she first arrived. They now sprouted everywhere, along with other flora indigenous to the Uvieroein galaxy, and Nabalar in particular.

The large circular chamber, in which she stood, smelled of the sweet crystal petals that were strategically placed in several locations. She glanced at the vase on the shelf a few feet from her. The diminishing light of the day orb reflected off the transparent petals, resulting in a kaleidoscope of colors.

Her mind flashed back to her first day on Nabalar, the day she saw the crystal roses, Alzanuas for the first time. It was also the day she saw Mirsux, the Prince of Nabalar, for the first time. That day had many great memories, but there were so many more terrible ones that they were difficult to erase.

The grief of losing a crewmember when the Demac-109 spaceship failed, was still fresh in her heart even now. With a shake the head, she tried to push from her mind the memory of the explosion and the subsequent eruption of flames.

The moment the declining power percentages started flashing on the computer panel, she had known something was wrong. A sinking feeling had settled over her as she tried to maintain her composure, while Delvin, her captain was staring blankly into the vastness. At that time, she had no clue he was negotiating the sale of the ship. Why couldn’t he have discussed it with his crew first? Something about the arrangement was off.

She shook her head at the memory of finding out on her wedding day that Delvin might have deceived them. The Nabalarians knew all that occurred within their spatial limits, hence the footage of the Xygorian Prince and the queen’s discussion about the deal. Her chest tightened, recalling the events that led her to make the decision to marry the alien prince.

There was no regret, as she felt she was destined to be with him. The sudden flutter of her heart was indication that she was fated to be there, on Nabalar with Mirsux. It was the preceding events that angered her, but that was irrelevant now. What she needed were answers pertaining to the failure of their ship.

With the pain of losing her friend, she contemplated what they could have done otherwise to save the ship… to save him. Had Delvin told her of his plan, maybe things would have gone differently. However, the fault was partially Julkaz’s, the Xygorian Prince... her brother in law.

She had allowed the matter to rest because she needed him to help her rescue her father. At the time, there was no other option, seeing that her father was a prisoner in the Undercrypt Dungeon on his planet.

Now that Herman Vega was free, she could pursue finding the underlying cause of why Julkaz sucked the energy from their vessel, resulting in the demise of the ship and the ultimate death of their crewmember.


Her husband’s voice interrupted her thoughts. She turned to see Mirsux watching her with a gleam in his golden pools. Her heart somersaulted as he approached, a feeling that never ceased to amaze her. He moved with a cat like grace that she found quite endearing. His lithe six foot three inch frame towered her as he came to stand within inches from her. Her eyes fell to his muscled torso, then traveled to the waist of his pants.

The first day she saw him, he was wearing what appeared to be an outfit equivalent to Earth’s sweat suit. She’d later discovered that the design was copied from him seeing the human version of the outfit. He was wearing the bottom now, having discarded the hoodie top.

“What troubles you?” he reached his hand to her cheek, gently caressing it with the back of his hand.

Awakening:The Prince of Nabalar
Awakening:The Prince of Nabalar

She closed her eyes as an electrifying sensation galloped through her the moment his hand met her skin. Catching her breath, she stepped back, in order to concentrate on her musings.

“Stop distracting me,” she scolded. “You know I can’t concentrate when you’re near.”

He chuckled. “Ha, my beautiful wife, I cannot concentrate knowing you exist just for me, whether you are near or far.” He dropped his hand with a sigh, changing the subject. “I’m concerned about the Koldolye.”

Julkaz was the koldolye, the bastard child of his father, King Volnomy. She was surprised he was concerned for Julkaz. Until a few days ago, they were mortal enemies. Their bonding as allies was partly her doing. Being in the middle of a battle with the federation troops called for immediate decision. That decision allowed them the victory.

Ariella sighed as well. “It’s time he answered a few questions pertaining to my ship, don’t you think?”

Mirsux looked at her keenly. “What do you mean?” he asked, his expression quizzical.

“You showed me the footage, remember? He sucked the energy from our main ship. That’s what caused it to fail,” she replied with more acerbity than she intended. “That’s what caused my friend to perish.”

Three months to the day, her cargo ship exploded in the atmosphere. Fortunately, the emergency shuttle was able to take them through the wormhole, then landing rather dangerously on Nabalar.

“Yes, he syphoned your ship’s energy, but can you not let it go Ariella? His current situation is quite depressing,” he said.

“Okay, until the situation with his mother is resolved, I’ll keep quiet. But the moment Leonard Styles finds his mother and this riddle as to how Queen Heopsie ended up as the Xygor queen is solved, I will seek answers.”

“Alright, we will get some answers when this is over.”

“I miss him,” she murmured, her heart aching from her grief.

“Whom do you miss?” Mirsux asked, his brows knitting and eyes glinting.

With a deep sigh she replied, “Marlon, my friend and colleague.”

“It seems he was more than a friend.” The iciness was evident in his tone.

With a roll of her eyes, she moved away from the window and walked to the bathroom on the opposing wall. Mirsux followed closely behind. She entered the bathroom, expecting the door to close behind her, but he stood in the doorframe, preventing the automatic shutting of the door.

“What are you doing?” she asked. “I need to take a shower.”

“You have not answered me, Ariella,” his voice hardened.

Another roll of the eyes. “That was not a question; it was an assumption, one I deem unworthy of an answer.”

Her emerald eyes shot darts at him and he stepped back from the doorway, allowing the door to close. As the door, which emerged from the wall on the right, slid steadily towards the left frame, they kept their eyes glued to each other.

She knew he would raise the issue again, though in fact it was a non-issue really. With a vigorous shake of the head and a smirk, she peeled off her dress. Her husband was far too jealous for her liking. It wasn’t as if Marlon was alive.

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