Sad Poetry

Bitter Defeat

Defeat, you dance upon my torments;

failed, failure, faulty, your cruel laughter;

you steal my future;

worse, your bitterness leads you to conquer

my ambition;

you make me quiver with fear,

and cower from challenges,

for now.

Defeat, now I warn you, I know your tricks!

Beware MY laughter! Kindly I'll be cruel.

You have no future!

You WILL quiver in fear!

Be wary, I intend to give you a taste of

Bitterest defeat.

I Cry TOO Much

How do I describe the tears that fall from my eyes?

     I can describe the cool comfort I feel        

          when I walk across my dew dampened lawn,       


 How do I describe the tears that fall from my eyes?

     I can describe the shiny bubbly feeling       

          that comes with happiness,           


 Why can't I describe the tears that follow sorrow?  

     Perhaps it is because the tears of true sorrow       

          run deep as the roots of the mountains 

               Tears, the tiny rivulets that join to form    

                    a raging torrent.     



 the tears of humanity       

     will combine       

          to wash away all cruelty,   


Until then the tears will rage and relieve us of our pain.

Don't Bother I'm Not Listening Anymore

Ask me, I won't answer.

Beg me, plead, I won't hear.

Answer me, I didn't question.

Hear me, I won't speak.

See me, I won't be there.

Love me? I won't believe.

Bastard, You left!

I asked,

I begged,

I answered,

I heard,

I saw,

I loved


Now YOU want sympathy!

Now YOU want me to speak!

To hell with you and quickly!

I have only foul words for you.


There is a new chill in the air.

Not the chill of a winter wind,

     the winter wind is too warm.

Not the chill sweet ice cream,

     this new wind is sour.

Not the chill of the breakin'  morn'

     this wind steals all light.

Not the chill of the fresh spring breeze,

     this wind will never bring the summer.

This chill I feel is the icy wind of hate,

     it finds and consumes all in its path,

     it is more like death than life.

Just the hate of man,

     not the hate of one,

          but of many.

The chill reaches out,

     but I will not hate.

I know what comes from hate,




I will care,

     I do care!


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