Black Tears

She runs in fear,

she cant bear to hear,

the echoeing all around

Lost words slowly found.

Down her face,

A black tear

down her face

Down her scarred unworthy face.

Her eyes swell up

and turn to red.

Blood begins

to drip

from her hand.

Body shakes,

mind wanders.

In her life

nothings left.

A black tear

down her face

down her scarred

unworthy face.





she screams out

in agony.

Cant save her now

shes lost her soul,

she's gone.



A black tear down her face, Down her scarred unworthy face

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Ryem profile image

Ryem 4 years ago from Maryland

The pain in this poem is so raw and I can totally see this scene playing in my head. I've been this girl before. Excellent poem Zayleen, voted up & sharing.

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