Blank White Page: A Poem About Writers Block

Blank White Page

Writers block is an unpleasant experience that almost every writer goes through once in a while. Thankfully for me this rarely happens because I tend to create only when I am inspired to do so. However, recently I decided to enter a poetry contest and been the procrastinator that I am I had to write under the pressure of a 24 hour deadline. Well for once I was stumped when it came to writing a poem. In that moment this poem about writers block was born, I was also able to write a different poem which I submitted for the poetry contest but unfortunately it did not win. Today I was faced once again with writers block and I decided to go through my trusted old notebook and look for some of my unpublished poems. As it so happens this poem Blank White Page was one of the few.


Blank White Page; A Writers Poem by Injete Chesoni

I stare at the

Blank white page

hoping poetic words

will spill from my mind


magical comes forth

My mind is entangled

in a frustrated rage

And for now has lost

its ability to engage

in poetic conversation

I sit here consumed

by a foggy gray haze

No kaleidescope of colors

to fill a white page

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