Bleeding Love ~my poem [inspire by Leona Lewis's song ]

I am alive [For now]

But will I survive?

Coz I am falling, & have to pay

Yet what do I have to say?

I can only wail and sway

Yet who can clearly perceive in the dark through

The shattered crystal, through the opaque hue

So I bleed alone

As I all turn to stone

Petrified, that knife cut me up

Yet words unsaid, you didn’t stop

SO do I need to bleed?

Or pray to your grace and plead?

And you ticked me, and drove me down

And turned an eternal smile into a frown

My heart is crippled by the pain

And each strike drives me insane

So how long before I break?

And how long do I still have to fake?

How long

How long

I try hard to pierce the soreness away

But now on the crimson floor I lay

In this world of hopelessness I am stuck

Alone, and with love I have no luck

So I fall, crash and burn with every lonely beat

Can’t you see I can barely stand on my feet?

So I aspire and yearn for the lovely past

But the bonfire is treacherous and ominously fast

Fading, fading, falling

Everything is disappearing

My life, my reflection, affection

Your memories your passion

Can you take the pain away?

So is that the price for love to pay?

Should I smile when I burn?

When love sinks me with dismay

As we burn like a serpent fern

Can you take on the dark future?

Can you end the madness and torture?

I knew all of a sudden that it was fate

But I didn’t know it worked its plans at this rate

One more night, I cried

One more day I replied

Yet the music had to fade

And it had to descend, that blade

So can you hear me moan?

With the pain digging through my bone

Will you hold my hand for the last time?

Through this life masked with Grime?



Sinking …

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jayb23 profile image

jayb23 6 years ago from India

Awesome, simply awesome. Iam bookmarking it.

Uriel profile image

Uriel 6 years ago from Lebanon Author

Jayb thanks for the comment :) your comment and support is well appreciated :)

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