Blisscuits In Bed

After fighting many battles the warring powers sued for peace.

Let go of the past they said with trust comes your release.

It's hard to live with you,

It's far harder to let you go,

Learning how to continue,

When I find out I'll let you know.

Like a gun in my belt,

Your promise is my security,

You know how I felt,

Hurt me now and write my eulogy.

You piece of shit get out of my bed!

And while you're at it get out of my head.

You staged a coup and invaded my life

Now I'm stuck cleaning your clothes but thank god I'm not your wife.

You need to earn the right to wake up next to me,

You need to stand and fight to make bitter thoughts turn sweet.

I can tell when you lie,

Can sense when something's wrong,

But knowing how damn hard you try,

It's what kept my faith strong.

Such different paths led us full circle in the end,

Now we'll sit back and laugh and watch the rest try to pretend,

Pretend that they've got what we had from the start,

`Pretend they have what it takes to share their hearts.

But they don't know, they haven't got a clue,

How it feels to look you in the eyes and hear the words "I love you."

Now we've both won the war,

We accept mutual surrender,

Couldn't deny something so perfect pure and tender.



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