Blue Skies are Comin' (A Poem)

Blue Skies are Comin'


Sometimes the rain just starts fallin'.

Sometimes you wait by the phone, but no one is callin'.

At times we all feel alone, and unsure, about somethin'.

Affraid of the dark, you just feel like runnin'

Remember that the blue skies are comin'

Maybe you feel that the weight of the world is more than enough?

And you can feel yourself collapse, because life is too tough.

Remember that after the storm,

After the rain,

After the saddness,

And the pain;

That there is somethin'.

Blue skies are comin'.

The time will come when the sun will shine,

And the days do come when everything falls in line.

And the feeling that you can smile, again.

That's when you can let a new day begin.

Not a care in the world; except for the song you're hummin',

Because your blue skies comin'.


Copyright 2008, StJames

All Rights Reserved.


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