Bone Ivory Tower.


Bone Ivory Tower.    

Gather them up

all the bones

of the fallen

spare not

a fibula

nor a molar

from every war

that was ever spent

in the stripping

of men's flesh.

 ( 0 0 )  \ ^ /
Build an ivory tower

that stretches

beyond McKinley

and the Himalayas

a structure

so massive

that it humbles

all the nations

that gaze

upon it in 

abject horror.

( 0 0 )
  \  ^ /   
Then perhaps

at long last

men will turn

this monolith

of madness into

a cathedral of peace

that will encompass

the  whole world

shading all of

its masses


from mankind's hate

and wars endless

destructive heat.         ©-MFB III

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Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 6 years ago

Why are so many nations so strong on being wrong.

Their GNP is to kill you and me!

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