Boogie Board Fever.

Immersed in a beach known as Myrtle,

simmering and then

shimmering in the salty froth

floating on a little something to tide me over

never bored with this boogie

as I harness the waves to

the underside of my ride,

waiting for my faith to move

mountains of water that will carry me

in a mad rush of what's current

to the edge of its wake

and the end of my eddying dreams.

Suddenly I am swept up

on a foam pillow curling

swimmers scramble to clear me

a path as I soar

on a cushion of water

three feet high I am sailing

to white sand spread before me

that will cradle my landing

like a rough army blanket

where I'll bank it or tank it

skim the ebb or just spank it

then dash back to the next wave

for more chances to surf

cross the lip of the ocean

to the chin of its turf.


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:) you have more nerve than me!

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