Book Review: A Trekker's Guide to Collectibles

Useful for movie goers under 40 and collectors alike

This is a useful book for hard core Star Trek fans, especially action figure (those favorite toys for boys that are not dolls people…and not Ken…even though Barbie did come out with Ken and Barbie Star Trek the Original Series dolls in original uniforms [I hope they were wearing red shirts] … brrr) collectors and for those under 40 who are going to see the new Star Trek movie and might want to know a bit more about the original characters (James T. Kirk, Mr. Spock-not Dr. Spock, Sulu, McCoy and all the rest) and actors from the original series. The shortcoming of this book is that it was written and revised in Star Trek’s heyday, before the warp core breech caused by over marketing that led to the eventual end of the various television spin off series. The last series covered in the book is “Voyager.” Then again, the line of “Enterprise” collectibles was limited.

The strengths of the book are several fold and make up for its age. For those seeking to know more about the new Star Trek offering, again if you’re under 40 you probably haven’t caught the original “Star Trek” TV series from the 1960s, have you, this book will catch you up. If you’re tempted to collect some of the new Star Trek toys and related items hitting the market now, A Trekker’s Guide will give you the inside scoop on what’s what in collecting and show you, in over 550 vivid color images, exactly what has been produced for each of the past series, by whom, and what they were worth when Star Trek was still a going concern. I imagine the prices are a little lower today ... but after this movie who knows. It’s a great place to start if collecting is your game. Collectibles categories include ... well everything ... (in alphabetical order): action figures, collectors' figures, and dolls; blueprints; books; buttons; calendars; cels and storyboards; ceramics--commemoratives, drinking and dining wares; Christmas ornaments; clothing and accessories; coins and medallions; costumes, patterns and makeup kits; decals and stickers; fanzines (way back in the dark days before blogs); film and video; games and accessories; glassware and tankards (Burger King is offering a new line now so you'd better catch up quickly); greeting cards; household wares; jewelry; magazines; models and model rocket kits; patches; pewter figureines; postcards; posters; props and prop reproductions; promotional items; puzzles; records, tapes and compact discs (way before MP3 players and iPods); scripts; stills, slides, and photographs; toys and crafts; trading cards and stickers. So, no matter what kind of collector you are, there's something here to whet your appetite.

This book is available through Schiffer Publishing,, for $29.99, via Amazon, or through your local book store if you ask, and I recommend it, especially for the nostalgia value among those over 40! Live Long and Prosper!


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