Book Review: Foretold E.S.Tilton

E.S. Tilton has produced a work of fiction that will thrill you, intrigue you and make you feel part of the world she has created, Llayentia, a worlde created by Kyron. In this worlde there dwell’s two, who will meet fall in love and make a powerful enemy with Ishk. Within the pages of this book you will find adventure, love, sex, action, and a wide range of emotions. Tilton will make you laugh, cry, and horny. In one encounter between Tahrek and Kyra, was so hot that if I was reading it on an iceberg, it would have been reduced to ice water.

Tilton has a master of the English language that will transport you to her worlde that she has created and drops you in the middle of it, to live it yourself. Her imagination is so artistic that she has offered the reader four glossaries of terms that will introduce the people, places, stuff, phrases and curses, as well as five prologues. I recommend reviewing these resources before you go to the main body of the book. With this familiarity you will become more engrossed into this amazing story.

This is the first book I ever read in this genre and E.S.Tilton has made me a fan.

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