Grace Unfolding

Book Review: Grace Unfolding

Grace Unfolding was written by Greg Johanson and Ron Kurtz. Charles Chu did the artwork and the calligraphy throughout the book.

It is a charming book that you can read in a day. It is a book that is staying in my library. I have enjoyed it from front to back cover three times. It is also a book that you can open up and read any chapter and feel like you have just started in the front.

I was introduced to this book while going through massage therapy school. I am grateful.

It is a curious blend of psychotherapy and the Tao-te ching. In no way does it make you an expert in either or, but it opens of doors for thought, introspection, learning, and just being.

As a Christian who is not afraid to study other methods and philosophies of thought I can cheerfully say, once again; this is a book that does not take away from my Christianity but makes it stronger, affirms my beliefs, and acknowledges that there is many ways to say the same thing.

If I had a book club this would be one of the books I would suggest to read to my book club.

Some of its chapters are titled:

Creating, Making Peace, Trusting, Observing Nature, Relinquishing Control, and many more.The chapters are short and wonderfully concise. Great book to read on a bus, coffee shop, under a tree, or at home.

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maggs224 profile image

maggs224 5 years ago from Sunny Spain

Sounds like an interesting book :)

kimbrewaa profile image

kimbrewaa 5 years ago

great hub, vote up :)

siverbutterfly profile image

siverbutterfly 5 years ago

we never know where we will find a great book. very informative hub. thanks for putting this out here.

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