Book Review - Her by Michael James Kaiser

Michael James Kaiser's debut poetry book To Be Me was just the beginning of his journey as a poet, lyricist and author. Soon after, came Her, the second poetry book that is just as great, if not better, than the author's first release.

Fron book cover of Her by Michael James Kaiser
Fron book cover of Her by Michael James Kaiser | Source

Her by Michael James Kaiser

Each poetic creation will embrace you with its beauty that often times will flow like a lyrical stream. You will picture a small venue filled with a small crowd of people as a singer serenades them with these passionate words.

From longing and heartache, to happiness and warmth, to everything else that love brings upon us you will find Michael James Kaiser's verses and serenades caressing you with raw emotion that will leave an imprint on your heart and soul.

The journey that you will take with Her will be quite unforgettable. Upon its end you may find yourself lost in thought pondering about your own journey of love, recalling its fondest memories and those that may have left an eternal mark on your heart and soul. This may inspire you to pen some poetic, lyrical or maybe even prose creations of your own.


An ode to love and women, both real and imagined.


Her Recordings

With so many beautiful pieces that comprise Her it comes as no surprise that a number of them have been turned into actual songs, which have been recorded for all to hear by a UK-based modern country band. With release of the album featuring these songs soon approaching Her will make a great companion to go along with the disc and a great addition to your already existing collection of books, which may even include his debut poetry book To Be Me.

A book worth reading and savoring Her will definitely leave an imprint on those that turn its pages and dive into flowing river of love and all that it carries deep within.

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