Book Review: Son Of The Mob ~ Gordon Korman

Vince Luca is normal, an average teen.. at school. Yet Vince's family is a little different, his father is head of a serious crime cooperation. Which puts a serious problem into Vance's dating life. When Vince finally finds the right one, her father happens to be the one trying to put Vince's father in jail!!


How is Vince Luca ever going to be able to date Kendra when her father is and FBI agent, trying to but away Vince's father. Follow Vince as he tries to find a way to date and live with the parents he has. As Vince goes through this journey, he discovers many things that he didn't know before...

What I liked:

I liked how this book really grabs your attention, captivates it and holds your attention throught the whole book.

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Courtney 6 years ago

I really liked this book but it was really strange!

crystal 6 years ago

where do they live in the book?

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