Book Review; The Quickie-James Patterson

The story of a murder mystery is not a surprise for the Patterson name. Though, this one does hold a few which a reader never sees coming.

An affair begins and ends in a matter of hours with a murder.
An affair begins and ends in a matter of hours with a murder. | Source

Murder mysteries are some of the most popular reads in the literary world

New York Times Best Seller List is his middle name

His claim to fame is the first writer to own the #1 spot on the NY Times Best Sellers List for the adult and children category simultaneously. Patterson is the single author with five novels debut at the number one spot on the same list in one single year.

With nineteen separate works on the New York Times Best Sellers List consecutively a new record is set. The most Hardcover fiction titles by a single author puts him in the Guinness Book of Records with a whopping sum of 63.

In 2007 an astounding one in every fifteen hardcover books retailed belonged to him. If nothing else, the man has one heck of a bank account to show for all of his hard work. He also has been blessed with the intelligence and brilliance to be an excellent storyteller of the great mystery which almost certainly accounts for the success..

More extraordinary books by the same author

Best Known for the Maximum Ride Series

Even though vampires and werewolf tales are very appealing and well liked at this time there is still room for the Maximum Ride Series of stories developed by Patterson.

This is one which debuted the first book on the Best Sellers list with the New York times and remained in the top spot for twelve weeks straight. The follow up books connected to the same genre and story have held ninety-four spots on the same list.

The Quickie is a murder mystery James Patterson co-authored with Michael Ledgwidge. Patterson is a world renowned author producing several extremely intriguing mysteries which have become so popular the book is not enough. Countless material created by this intriguing author has been converted into moves for the theater and television. The Quickie is one wrestling with this category, but certainly needs to add a little bit more to the content to move into such a big league.

James Patterson has teamed up with several other authors on projects and is named the man who simply has been unable to miss the mark. With more than 16 million copies of personal stories sold in North America alone, it is safe to bet on this one as yet another winner. Worldwide the number is even more impressive at last count of 220 million copies sold.

Quick synopsis

The book covers a description of a murder taking place by "mistake". The heinous act of taking a life is never something to be planned or encouraged. Though, in this case the story line admits to one which is sanctioned and did not take place as planned. The error and the aftermath of the deed is the story being told. There are various repercussions, twists and turns most persons are unable to foresee.

Lacey and Paul are husband and wife who discover one another have each engaged in an affair. Both react differently with personal reactions to the situation. Paul has an affair and Lacey cries. Lacey has an affair and Paul commits murder, literally. Although Paul has killed Lacey’s lover, she is not unaware of the deed. Her reaction is covering with the police for what he has done. Is it out of guilt or love? Could it be both at the same time? It’s difficult to know

The beginning of the story leaves sympathy for a wife with an unfaithful husband. However, by the third chapter of the story you have switched alliances from the wife to a husband that catches his wife cheating and his swift and sheer response of rage and murder in response to her infidelity.

She is overwhelmed from the onset of the story with her life as it is. She is unaware of what lies ahead. There is still more to come to potentially changing future plans, hopes and dreams in her life forever with one single act.

The centerpiece of the story has a focus which changes a readers emotions and where sympathies lie.

To her surprise it even regulates how she goes about getting the act of revenge where hubby is concerned. The perspective of one person taking another person’s life as a witness is decidedly different than seeing it as a detective.

The man is murdered, but feelings of a sort of mandatory sympathy is difficult to say the least with the inside knowledge of his family. This is not the average Joe and reader’s rock between hate and sorrow. The main character feels the same.

There is a specific battle and certain struggle as a person, wife and cop. The writer puts her on a road seared with destruction at every turn.

The Quickie is one in a long line of books Patterson has become loved by his readers for creating; a murder mystery with his series of female sleuths who seem to triumph over some of the most perilous forms of adversity.

James Patterson Awards

Most writers are selfish in making a name for themselves in the literary world. More than few individuals feel the offering of a written piece of material which turns out to be better than average and well liked is enough. This is an author with an entirely different agenda.

James Patterson has a foundation established to offer more than his imagination. The foundation rewards groups and organizations in the literary world determined to do more. There is an award for groups and individuals discovering creative and innovative ways to get the joy of reading back to the basics and spread through the masses.


The main characters of the story are a married couple, Lacey and Paul. Lacey is a homicide detective. What makes this a deviation from other storylines is Lacey is the main character rather than one of countless ones sitting on the edges of the central story line.

The homicide detective located in New York City develops a taste for payback on a cheating husband. The depth of the story is more than feelings of love, guilt, revenge and variations of these emotions. This makes all of the characters change from the initial impression gained and at least more than a few times as the story continues.

Paul is the cheating husband. Her first thought is one of revenge. Though, this is where things go sideways for everything and everyone. Relationships of love, friendship and comradely with fellow workers are tested and tried.

Scott is the lover who appears for a brief moment as the victim of Paul’s rage and Lacey’s attention. This is another way for Peterson to bring morality into the story line. His secret in the world is a wife and three kids. The worst being he has an eight year old along with a two year old toddler and an infant. Don’t stop there. His oldest has health issues. He is autistic.

An interview with one of America's favorite authors

Likes and Dislikes

Positive points

The story begins in a surprising manner. This is a great way get noticed and engrossed right away.

Readers admitted the paragraphs and chapters were short and easy to read. This made concentration and awareness of what was taking place simple to follow.

The protagonist was involved in the murder. This differs from most mystery novels. It is typically written for most mystery thrillers to follow the format of a character chasing the murderer or attempting to discover who the murderer is.

Negative points

Most readers are fans and it is difficult to find the negative when it comes to the Quickie. Though, there are a few which stand out. One of the most irritating for most of lists falls under the idea he has coauthored this book. Not only is this one collaboration with another writer, but there are quite a few. Therefore, it makes it difficult to realize how much of the story is owned by which author. Would it be a better pat on the back for Michael Ledgwidge or Patterson?

Another complaint is the main character is outlined as this strong and determined woman in a career dominated by men. She is holding her own at work, but devastated by a man (husband) cheating on her. There have even been hints at Lacey falling into the routine of a submissive wife in countless examples in the story.

Reviews have been very mixed and highly opinionated which is fabulous. This keeps the discussion going and shows there are different opinions about the work as a whole.

Never be afraid to delete and start over again. Every book is not a success on the first draft.
Never be afraid to delete and start over again. Every book is not a success on the first draft.

Some final thoughts

In my opinion

There are certainly tons of surprises, both good and bad. An ending most never guessed and the usually points of interest in a mystery. However, most of these would have done better if placed in different areas of the book. Where they have been inserted seems out of sorts in more than one instance. A writer of Patterson’s caliber is certainly capable of a better delivery with these points.

The story has a great premise. Nonetheless, there was a disappointed in this read by a particularly talented writer. The story line was slow and the dialogue was mundane. Some of these are possibly the result of writing countless titles for the younger generation in the last couple of years. When putting the same sort of characters and plot lines in place for adult readers, there is a difference to be made.

Then again, this was collaboration on his part with another author and I am unaware of his style. It could be somewhat unfair to judge this work against others Patterson has single handedly authored

In spite of this there were more than a few good points, but wait for the paperback version of the quickie in my opinion.

Wouldn’t recommend this read by James Patterson and would suggest to anyone looking for a great James Patterson novel, this one certainly isn’t it. Though, if you simply need a book to pass the time on a bus or plane, pick it up. You can pick it up and put it down without missing anything or waiting on the edge of your seat to turn the next page.

The murder that takes place in the mystery is a surprise that brings you in at the beginning of the book and follows through the entire novel until the last sentence.

Final thoughts

In addition to regular followers, more than a few readers/critics have put the book in a category as one of Patterson’s best mystery collaborations to date. It certainly is full the palpable atmosphere of suspense he never fails to relay. Individuals and persons taking their parts in the story fit magnificently together to of course keep the reader guessing at every turn.

Most people imagine the beginning of the book as the end for most similar tales. Ending with the realization an affair is taking place is an age old tale as well as her revenge on the matter. This is only a piece of the puzzle put forth.

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