Book review - Chapterhouse:Dune by Frank Herbert

The last book from Dune series. The new menace that came from dispersion – Onorate Mater conquered all the planet and the faction that tried to make a stand in front of them. Their shear number and military capacity is outstanding. Furthermore, those who take part from their ranks use enhanced sexual capabilities to subdue and enlist more and more people in their army.

Against them, only Bene Gesserit still continue the fight, keeping their last planets hidden by enemies. Their weapons of choice, one Onorate Mater captured and subdued by a ghola, Duncan Idaho. And their military leader, Teg Miles, genetically engineered after his death on the last stand on Dune against forces from Dispersion.

The book is all about reactions of people confronted with incommensurable odds. Odrade, spiritual leader of Bene Gesserit who knows that the plan that is proposed is by all means a long shot and failure means the destruction of their order. Teg, that is expert in combat situation and realize the frailness of their military position. Some Bene Gesserit sisters that are crushed under their doubts about their chances to succeed. All in all you can smell the fear in their actions and decisions.

At the end, solution came as the obvious answer although you can never guessed it from the start. The only downside of the book is the feeling that some aspects are left unfinished. But that is not really the fault of the author who planned to write another book but he died before that. Although Frank Herbert’s son took over the work and complete the saga with some other books, the sensation from the original series can not be recovered. The death of the author left somehow unfulfilled this great series.


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