The Echoes

I shouted to you across the valley; you responded

Reverberation of my thoughts; you called my name

My reflection clear as crystal; never despondent

Reassured that I’m laudable you did not disclaim

Dear old friend, you knew my thoughts indeed my voice

My words ricocheted from you like a boom-a-rang!

Day or night; happy or sad you were always there

Never tired of my constant need to be reassured

Giant like you crossed the void from there to here

Even though we were like the sand washing ashore

Here this minute, gone the next; yet my story you heard

Countless hours of trivia, tolerance and sing along!

Dear old friend, what made you stayed?

Did you love my intriguingly tedious tale?

What did you do when with others I played?

Did you miss me or over me ail?

Did you speak of me when I wasn’t there?

Or was I forgotten in the din of the throng?

Speak to me like you did back in the day

My formative years when I was impressionable

Your eloquence to me evident in all you say

Let me hear your kind voice so expressionable

Indelible memories even after a lifetime

Words mirror back to me like a boom-a-rang!

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