Boys and Buttes

Gone Wrong

This here little poem was inspired by what my dad used to say about some of my teenage girlfriends.He would say they were beauts.I can not really remember why I wrote this or how it came to mind?I do recall one of my friends asking me to recite this many times and we would get a good laugh during these times.It still brings a big smile on my face remembering how we laughed and laughed about this poem.And it also brings back good memories of my dad and some teenage girls.How sweet love and romance is when it is from the heart and not based on material things.

The boys were from Boise

thats in Idaho

and the boys they wanted some place to go

Now the beauts were from Butte

thats in Montana

and the beauts they wanted to go swimming

with the boys and get a tan ah

So the boys from Boise

went to Butte for the beauts

And the beauts from Butte

went to Boise for the boys

So the boys missed the beauts

and the beauts missed the boys

The beauts in Boise

The boys in Butte

such a mess

but oh so cute


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