Breakup (poem)

That’s it, I’m leaving, we’re through!

Go away! I can’t even stand to look at you

Looking into those hollow uncaring eyes

All I see is a multitude of lies

You infuriate with your sadistic tone

Just walk away! Fucking leave me alone!

I just want you gone, get out of my face!

A lesser man would’ve shown you your place

You taunt and you mock, but I know your game

Just stand there glaring with your petite little frame

So many wrongs I’ve forgiven each day

Knowing your path was never the way

If I look just past you where my true future lies

I can clearly see green pasture under crystal blue skies

Just one more hill to overcome

Free myself from you, it’s over, I’m done

Turning away, almost floating I glide

Sensing a resurgence filling my pride

Life it seems now is so much clearer

Now that I’ve stepped away from that mirror

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