Breath of Fire

That night the wind was still

A must smell in the air

You came to me with questions

That night

I couldn't tear away

I hated nights like these

Because there was no peace

We drank sweet wine

Started to get along

Everything seemed clear

Then we started to fight

Things were said that hurt

Pain and betrayal all in one

The words came at me

Sharp they stung

With your breath of Fire

Everything started to shake

Things started to fall

Screams from within like a quake

Enough you had and left

And I was alone again

With my beating heart

The rain started pouring

And the wind blew chill

Whisking me away

I stopped and waited

Just listening to the wind

Leaving my mind ablaze

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stessily 5 years ago

carolinemd21: The blaze that's left behind after accusations and recriminations is tough to put out. The wind can be a good friend by mercilessly overwhelming a fire until it's nothing but embers. I love that this person noticed the wind at the end. You've conveyed vivid imagery in an economy of words --- great accomplishment.

carolinemd21 profile image

carolinemd21 5 years ago from Close to Heaven Author

Stessily- Thank you again for your endearing comment. I love how you always notice the details to my writing. This was a fight between two lovers. The other walks out after a night of fighting leaving the other one alone listening to the wind with her thoughts in anger waiting for them to subside. You are right the wind can put out the fire. Thank you. :)

tom hellert profile image

tom hellert 5 years ago from home


if there is anyone on HP that knows about Fire Breath it is me just take a look at my icon picture. but wind usually spreads the fire. Yet the winds noise can erase a days the way waves remove the sand castle bit by bit at a time ....


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