Bug Capri


The spring has come.
The time is here
to propagate
the hemisphere
and I must find
the one for me
so we can join
in fine capri...
We'll populate
the world we know
with babies that
will thrive and grow
to compete
with humankind...
yes, we shall never
fall behind.
For if they had
their merry way,
man, with us
would do away...
But we are smarter
than we look
and multiply
by Nature's book.
Yes spring is here,
the time has come
and according to
her rule of thumb,
I must find
the bug for me,
so we can join
in bug capri.

"Copyright 2011, All Rights Reserved."

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acaetnna profile image

acaetnna 5 years ago from Guildford

Ah - lovely, simply divine!

No_Clue profile image

No_Clue 5 years ago Author

acaetnna, how poetically ironic that you, Hubpages very own "Goddess of Love" herself should be the first to read and comment on this little piece...which I must confess, was written in "epigramman" style! I am tickled that you liked it! Thank you, kindly!

Fiddleman profile image

Fiddleman 5 years ago from Zirconia, North Carolina

and they begat! Great write!

No_Clue profile image

No_Clue 5 years ago Author

Fiddleman, thank you kindly, Sir! I am thrilled you like it! I am thinking perhaps I am having symptoms of spring fever...

bbnix profile image

bbnix 5 years ago from Southern California

Spring fever indeed, my friend. Beautiful weather here. Robin and I acting like a couple kids. Get out there girl...your big bug is just around the corner...go get him....

Love you,


mckbirdbks profile image

mckbirdbks 5 years ago from Emerald Wells, Just off the crossroads,Texas

haha - double feature

No_Clue profile image

No_Clue 5 years ago Author

Thanks, bbnix! glad to hear you and your ladybug are having some fun and enjoying each other! That is very cool!

No_Clue profile image

No_Clue 5 years ago Author

mckbirdbks, this was the second act to a two act play! LOL...the end! Thanks!

Genna East 5 years ago

And life always finds a way. Spring is my favoite time of year. Love the "bug capri"! Such a delightful read, thank you. :-)

No_Clue profile image

No_Clue 5 years ago Author

Sincerest thank you, Genna! Spring has made me a little "buggy" this year!

thebluestar profile image

thebluestar 5 years ago from Northern Ireland

Lovely No-Clue. Very cleverly put and with humour. Loved it. You still are the one to watch my friend. x

No_Clue profile image

No_Clue 5 years ago Author

Ahh Star! you are so sweet! I so appreciate you! Hugs, Girl!

Spirit Whisperer profile image

Spirit Whisperer 5 years ago from Isle of Man

A lovely way to announce this time of year and all the playfulness that goes with it.

No_Clue profile image

No_Clue 5 years ago Author

Thank you, Spirit Whisperer! Even the bugs like Spring!

profile image

jami l. pereira 5 years ago

This was lovely , and i loved your pictures too ! thanks for the read:)voted up and awesome:)

No_Clue profile image

No_Clue 5 years ago Author

jami, thank you! This was actually part 2. The photos came first, then the little poems followed. I am glad you liked them!

BeyondMax profile image

BeyondMax 4 years ago from Sydney, Australia

Yes! =) What a lovely piece, I'm smiling all the way! Amusing poem, I agree with you, Marsha, it's like Epi inspired style, I like it a lot, especially with those priceless photos! Sweet, gee, can't stop smiling =)

No_Clue 4 years ago

Thankx, Max! You should have seen me taking those photos! I'm sure it was a sight to see, me all layed out on the ground !

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