Bug Looking Over Both Shoulders At Once

Bug Looking Over Both Shoulders At Once
Bug Looking Over Both Shoulders At Once | Source

It’s a good thing that this tiny arthropod has a dual set of individually manipulable pairs of eyes, for it enables him (or her, I can’t quite distinguish gender characteristics from this angle) to peer over both shoulders at once.

And that’s quite fortunate, as those shoulders bear the greatest concentration of a particularly rare and unique insect protein that has been found useful in the treatment of human male pattern baldness. Oh, what Big Pharma wouldn’t give for gazillions of pairs of those bug-shoulders ground into profitable paste!

But Big Pharma may be out-competed by the Old World Sawtoothed Skink (a near relation to the famed Australian Shingleback Blue-Tongued Skink). Seems that Sawtooths are also quite fond of those bug-shoulders — especially their taste — to the point of leaving behind uneaten just about all of the rest of the poor insect’s carcass!

You now realize why this guy’s on the look-out. 

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