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Growth Spurts Can Hurt

Who stole the gentle flowers

of someone's yesterday

to plant a withered garden full

of bullies today;

to bring pain

with their

immature habits and obnoxious ways.

Must you blame?

call people names

bribe your egos of where you stand

just to hurt a fellow man.

Children play and learn to they're teens

but never realize the impact of mean.

Tears fall at night

kept out of sight

after being ridiculed and


by peers who have no clue;

spitting out words they don't even understand.

They seem to learn it and blurt it with every chance.

Copyright � March 2011 D Z.

Additional Notes:

Hatred, racism, unusual behavior of people who should know better as adults that
it is quite dysfunctional to spew their own personal anger on others causing emotional pain which causes hurt to others.

We have options in life and educators who can talk to us.

There are life skills along with coaches who can show us how to avoid being caught up in these distressing events we incur either in school, at work or in public. We need to focus on the youth of today and teach them how to re-frame an embarrassing situation and be able to cope then balance their lives accordingly or these children may hold on to this hurt when holding on to it preoccupies their minds altering other good things they can be focused on.

Bullies lay down their heads on their pillows at night feeling satisfied .

They have instilled thoughts in others minds that may very well keep them from sleeping wondering why they have been intruded upon and have had their personal inventory taken for no justifiable reason.

They may have reached for their phone and made multiple calls to others to initiate a plan of purposely starting drama in someone's and whoever their target is at the time won't be aware of what's going on behind their back.

The depth of emotional pain inflicted on a person can have life lasting affects.

We as adults need to take steps now to instill peace in to every youth we encounter. Young children are more apt to learn this valuable lesson as being a peace maker if it starts at home.

I know we can't change everyone because their are always those that thrive with this behavior but we can start out small and remind others as much as possible how peaceful interaction leads to something good and dysfunction leads to more dysfunction.

Workplace bullies
Workplace bullies | Source
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Your Golden Heart Award For Today! Take it - It Has Your Name On It

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Hello, hello, profile image

Hello, hello, 5 years ago from London, UK

A very well written hub and advice. Bullying is so soul destroying.

Denizee profile image

Denizee 5 years ago Author

Thank you Hello. I think we both know bullying will never end and as you said "soul destroying." Thank you for reading this Hub and understanding the impact others have on others daily lives.

drpastorcarlotta profile image

drpastorcarlotta 3 years ago from BREAKOUT MINISTRIES, INC. KC

Hello Denizee and Blessings!!!! I have missed you! This Hub is well written and true. I voted-up!!

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