Burning Out of Love- Poem by Rebecca Wood


Burning Out of Love

Have you ever left a relationship and then you felt down and sad because it felt like you made a mistake? Have you ever wanted him or her back? Well, this is what this poem is about. If you don't have troubles the two of you can't fix or work out, why let go? Just give it time and effort. This is another metaphorical poem.

When a fire burns out

The smoke rolls in

Then you close your eyes

And here comes the tears again

Now your hands are cold

The light is gone

You stand frozen like a stone

As long as the smoke rolls on

Every breath you take

Takes a little of the next breath away

You're walking around in a haze

You start losing days within days

You stand still in the middle of a maze

The only way to stop the smoke

Is the return of the same roaring blaze

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