Bury me or wt's left of me

when injustice speaks we are supposed to speak louder

The poem reflects the story of a young

innocent girl whowas accused of

witchcraft in a time

when practicing magic was considered

a deadly sin.The girl was tortured

brutally until the lord of

the city decided how to punish her.

he ordered her to be beheaded

in the public square where her head

was hung on the city gates and her

body left in the wilderness for vultures

and wild dogs to feed on.

Bury Me

My soul is imprisoned

In a dark moist cell

My soul cries out

Burry me !

Dead as I seem

My will still lives on

Lords of darkness

Kings of the underworld

Hear my cries

Share my agony

Heal my scars

Give me light

Hear my calls

Save my soul

My body has no one to shed a tear on

My heart is set on fire

My life is coming to an sad end

The truth fades away with me

My will has been taken

My heart is broken

Yet my will has been spoken

Let it be !

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C. C. Riter 7 years ago

This is so sad. is the story of the girl true, or is it just legend?

Uriel profile image

Uriel 7 years ago from Lebanon Author

yeh ...its just a story...but it was inspired by some stories i heard from my friends :( but mainly it was inspired by Antigone :D

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