Sometimes I feel like bursting into flames

and disappearing into black space

Sometimes i feel like i have no where to go

no where to hide

i just want to be free

free like the birds that fly where ever whenever

thats all i want to do

sometimes i just do not want to be here anymore

i want to go nowhere

alone in an empty noiseless space

so i can here myself think

sometimes i just want to burst into flames

and let those flames endlessly carry me

across the world to places i have never been

i wish the flames would engulf my soul

i wish they would care for me

i wish they would give me what i need

sometimes i wish i could say what i really want to

not caring about what might happen

sometimes just sometimes i would like to

be invisible to feel invincible and be

everywhere at the same time

just sometimes i would like to be the most important

thing on his mind

to be number one

just for a day...i wonder how that would feel


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MyValentine profile image

MyValentine 6 years ago

I really like this and I'm sure many people can relate to these feelings.

SeenButNotHeard profile image

SeenButNotHeard 6 years ago from Michigan

I can most definitely relate, as I'm sure you can tell by my screen name. Great job though, keep up the writing :D

myyrosas profile image

myyrosas 6 years ago Author

Thank you My Valentine and Seen but not heard for your comments !

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