But Here We Are Now

But Here We Are Now

A dusty red corpse sees
Titan and Selene
Orphaned or not?

A septuplet orchestra
Plays. It gives a rainbow of

A ricochet of
Vigor and fortune
To solo green goo.

The fealty and feeling
Of each is never
Too similar, but
Here we are now.


Originally written May 14, 2008. This poem ended up being too cryptic for what I had intended, but I decided I liked it anyway. It was merely meant to be a brief offering of how life came to be on earth, looking at the Greek, then Christian then Big Bang stories of origin; and without taking a stance on any of them.

Looking back, I do like this poem despite going for a surreal feel and having it come off more or less as just strange and fun (to me), I feel it's too passive. That likely makes it a weak poem. I think if I were to ever revisit this subject, I would present it as more of a single viewpoint, and not just an observation.

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