Butterflies and Roses

Another Old poem I dug up the other day. Not sure how long ago I wrote but would be more than 5 years ago.

Untouched from original.

Fragile in serenity
Safe in anonimity
Passed over
Not forgotten
On paths
So rarely trodden
I found one
And it flew
Found the other
Its thorns i knew
In the mystery
The future
Part of history
I sat
I waited patiently
Left behind
Oh so blatantly
The thoughts
Of what had happened
Left me
All alone and saddened
The beauty
In different poses
Im chasing
Butterflies and Roses

Pots of gold
Neverending rainbows
Coming to terms
With all i dont know
Weighed down
Withdrew inside me
Shut down
Don't want your eyes to see
Looked round
Inside my hall of thoughts
Wondered how you could be caught
For the answers
For missed chances
I realised
Out of nowhere
I theorised
I have been
Not all
Is what it seems
Now subsided
I was misguided
In my surprise
Not the hunter
Not the prize
Didnt lose
There is no win
Inside me
There was no sin
Its your turn
Try as you might
Are you ready
Prepared to fight
My many poses
I am
I am

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