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Carp Fishing is a growing sport that is taking the world by storm. Whilst every angler usually has a few favourite types of fish - you can bet your bottom dollar that it's really a carp that they would to catch next!

It's a great sport for kids to get into. It is friendly, enjoyable and it gives them something constructive and exciting to do when they have spare time and they can learn to appreciate the finer things in life - such as wild life, country side, and the open air. There are lots of health benefits also; which tends to surprise a few people - but to put it quickly. The fresh air, the walking and the adrenaline that is conjured when fishing can be very good for your health. It can also be extremely relaxing and good for bringing down stress levels and anxiety. If your a fisherman and you've got the bug then you know what we mean..

Carp Clinic

Lee Jackson is a well knwon carp angler who has been on scene for many years. Lee Jacksons book takes a look into what catches carp. How carp act and react, and when is best to catch them. There are lots of tips and great ideas, which will surely keep any fisherman reading right to the very end!

Discover Carp Fishing

Discover Carp Fishing is a total guide for carp fishing. It can take you from a beginner and make you into an expert. If you didn't know much about carp fishing then you certainly will by the time you have finished reading this amazing book.

Advanced Tactics

 This book is really aimed at anglers that have ben fishing for some time already - and understand the basics of fishing. This is a detailed look into how different tactics can provide different results. There is some fantastic tips and advice, a truly great book.

Fly Fishing For Carp

A unique book that looks into how to catch carp via fly fishing. This is probably the most uncommon method of catching carp, but in recent years people in America have been taking to this more and more. Interesting and different carp fishing book.

The Compleat Angler

An absolute classic. This book is not aimed entirely carp anglers, but it has a fantastic overview of fishing on the whole. A look at lots of different fish, how they live and how we can try to catch them.

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