Buy Ebooks, Download Free Ebooks and Self-Publish With Feedbooks

Readers Can Buy Ebooks for Computers or Ebook Readers

They can be read on PCs, Macs and on handheld ebook readers. Customers can buy ebooks that are available as PDF and EPUB versions. Buyers can also create custom PDF versions. There are also Kindle versions of some of the books. When buyers use Adobe Digital Editions to download the ebooks, the books can be read on any of the dozens of devices that are compatible with the Adobe software. 

Free Ebooks

In addition to the ebooks that are available for purchase, Feedbooks has thousands of free ebooks. The free ebooks are purchased through the Public Domain section of the site, while paid books are available through the Ebook Store section. Both are accessible through tabs at the top of any page on the site.

Publishing Ebooks Online Through Feedbooks

Ebook writers can publish digital books through the site by signing up with Feedbooks and uploading the book to the site. The ebook writer doesn't have to create different versions of the ebook for each format type. Uploading a digital book to Feedbooks makes it possible for customers to buy ebooks in a number of different formats.

When publishing a digital book, writers can either save a book to the site for further editing or publish it for immediate availability on the site. Writers can use their user name or come up with a pen name at the time the ebook is uploaded. The site offers daily download analytics that show writers how many times the ebook was downloaded, what formats are downloaded and other information that can help writers to understand their readers.

Creating Marketing Ebooks

For writers who want to sell ebooks online, Feedbooks may not be the right platform. All of the self-published works available through site are free ebooks. They are available through the Original Books tab at the top of any Feedbooks page.

Though the free ebooks aren't profitable by themselves, they can be used by writers who want to market other work or their business interests. Marketing ebooks can be used to develop a fan base that can then be transferred to other, paid works.

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