My Family , My LIfe ....

My Family, My Life , this sums up the greater portion of my being. Married at the young age of 16 to the first person I truly felt loved and protected me. My Husband at that time was my shelter from what had been a tumultuos past, strewn with pain and loss. Soon there were my children, as they arrived so came the complete happiness with which children bring, the joy of watching my first born achieve all the things which come naturally to babies, then one by one each of my children bought with them the magic of diversity, perfect little characters which I had the privilege to watch bloom, the sheer joy of teaching them and knowing that the seeds I planted would one day come to fruition, that my children would grow to be extroadinary people in their own right. Alas the joy of my marriage was not to last, it would wither and in the 15th year die, 2 days before my 30th birthday my marriage unravelled, we were not destined to be together any longer, it had run its course.Though he had been my friend, my love, my protector, we were never destined to spend a life time together. I was fated to be with the one man who was meant for me, my husband 'Graham'. A good kind loving man whom I adore and who has devoted his life to us, has helped to make the fabric of my life worthwhile and complete ..

As I write you will see that this is 'My Story'.. as you read please enjoy and reflect on the pleasure that a truly united family brings, As my mind roams through the years of my life I will bring to you my thoughts and feelings , warts and all ...

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ceeceecross 5 years ago from Adelaide Author

My Family , My Life , the intricate webs we weave when our family grows and expands .. I hope to bring you the past , present and future of our family in all its sadness and joy.. follow along as I recount the many joys of MY LIFE ...

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pitzele 5 years ago from Pennsylvania

So beautiful! I am happy to be following you and look forward to reading more of your hubs.

ceeceecross 5 years ago

Thankyou, I will enjoy sharing all that my life comprises of .. I am happy to have you share and enhance the fabric of my life.


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