Calla Lily Rise

Photo of Christian DeBoard's Feet

I wrote this for a dear friend of mine Nikki DeBoard who was writing about her son Christian who was born still at 13oz on 2/24/2015. I saw this picture, and I was inspired to write this.

Calla Lily Rise

Angel wings tickle those precious little toes,
I hear your giggle in the sparrows morning song,
I feel your sweet cry on my cheek,
as you breathe life back in me,
Nurturing morning crispness up through my nose.

Awake I tearfully clutch my broken heart,
Squeezing tighter I implode,
Desperately yearning for that rhythm,
A chance to feel once more,
A fresh new start.

Calla lilies lead the way,
Spiraling upwards in trust to drink morning dew,
Their scent climbing the sun rays,
A path of light illuminating the path to you.

Anxiety and fear battles this weary soul,
Anticipating a touch,
An embrace,
A chance to see you face to face,
A chance to call you my own.

This moment comes,
Though as with the morning breeze it goes,
What a precious memory I cherish,
A vision that sustains me until then,
A memory of your precious twinkle toes.

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