Can You Hear Their Cries?

Do my photos disturb you? I hope that you answered yes to that question. I didn't want you to answer yes simply because of the faces in the photos. I am hoping you answered that way because you, just like me, are at a loss to understand what these children did to make someone so angry they felt the need to hurt them this way. What would prompt me to even want to post such photos as these? We see this type of thing each and every day.

Today, I sat and read a story, sadly, a True story that compelled me to write about this horror. This write isn't so much about the story I read as the content that was the story. Briefly, I will tell you what I read. As I tell you this story, you may find yourself as I did; sitting, crying for the child and shaking my head, trying to absorb the reality of the scenario that unfolded in my head.

A 22 year old woman... I won't even dare to call her a mother, crazy-glued her 2 year olds hands to a wall and then proceeded to beat her. Not that there is a single reason in the world to ever do this to anyone, let alone a child, but the reason for this inhuman act was over a "potty-training" oops. The little baby didn't make it to the bathroom so this woman glued her to the wall and then beat her nearly to death. She also hit the girl in the stomach with a jug of milk, kicked her in the stomach and beat her with a shoe and a belt. The little baby may have brain damage and multiple other issues from the beating.

I sit here this morning, re-reading the words I have put here for you to read. My mind tries to process what this woman did to her child. I searched the internet and found more cases of abuse than I cared to find. I guess I had hoped it would not be quite as easy to find so many cases. My heart ached for these children, innocent and yet still, they suffer at the hands of people that pass themselves off as human. The mixture of anger and sadness and emotional ripping of my heart is tremendous. I try my best to imagine the mind that could do such a thing but I can not. I can only feel the pain of these babies and how the must wonder why they are being tortured so badly.

Another thought crosses my mind as I think on this. What has happened to this world we live in that such atrocities could even happen? How far away have our souls gone that a person could harm a child in this way? There has got to be something that is missing that would allow someone to do this and then walk away as if it never occurred. I know that a "sin" is a "sin" no matter how big or small it is. I understand that we all must be held accountable for our actions. My mind says that even though that is true, surely people that harm babies in any way must have to pay for their actions in a huge way.

What you see in those photos goes on every single day. We, as a people, as a nation, a world, must take a true stand and stop this from happening. I don't have the answers to how we do that but I do know that exposure and punishments that are so incredibly strict and feared need to be in place. WE are their only protection, the only source that they can go to and find safety. The world still chooses to turn it's eyes away, pretending somehow to believe that what we don't look at or acknowledge, we don't have to deal with. Those babies can't turn away and they Do have to deal with it.

Child abuse and families killing their own children is a sign of the times. These things are not what the normal mind would ever do. My tears run now as I struggle to find the words that will make you feel and understand that those precious beings are given to us as a gift. A gift to love and nurture and teach the ways of life. They are NOT punching bags or stress balls or something to take out our anger issues on. They are babies and they tiny and fragile and more than that... they are trusting.

I ask you to keep your heart and your eyes open. Do not be afraid t speak on the child's behalf. Get involved, reach out, tell someo0ne if you see something that is not right. If we don't use our voices to save these babies, then our own future is at stake. there very ones that will one day run our Nation will cease to exist. God bless those babies that suffer in the dark, out of our site. Those we do see, do not just look away. Be a voice for them!!!!!!

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tammybarnette profile image

tammybarnette 4 years ago

Crying with you....No words

Dday50627 profile image

Dday50627 4 years ago from Iowa Author

My heart wonders y this happens but there truly are no words. Thank you for reading this. I think the world needs to realize how huge this has become. Thank you...

tammybarnette profile image

tammybarnette 4 years ago

Keep writing about this shamefulness, Awareness is always the way to create change. It is a sign of the times to be sure, I have to turn the tv channel when these stories come on because it hurts so much, and I don't know what to do. But you are right, we can't turn our heads anymore! If it were animals there there would be commercials with sad music in the background, I love animals, don't get me wrong, BUT, we need to save these children!

Dday50627 profile image

Dday50627 4 years ago from Iowa Author

Tammy, you are exactly right. Sarah McLaughlin would be singing right now, but she isn't. I have a gentle heart and to see this and to know it happens every single day of our lives tears my heart to shreds. She is facing life in prison and I say big deal. She should get the exact treatment she gave to her baby but I guess that is another issue to write one day. Hugssssss to you and God bless your kind heart.

tammybarnette profile image

tammybarnette 4 years ago

Hugs back to you, and God Bless you:)

Becky Katz profile image

Becky Katz 4 years ago from Hereford, AZ

I do watch out for these babies and have stopped more than one from ever beating a baby again. I stopped them then and there and called the police. I am a bit more restrained about it where I am living now because almost 100 children have died in the hands of Children Services in this State in the last year. They are no safer than they were. I do stop them and they are usually dealt with severely and watched by me and mine but here, I do not call the police.

Dday50627 profile image

Dday50627 4 years ago from Iowa Author

God Bless you Becky. I believe in "Angels Unaware" and know that God often times puts people in a place that they can help his children. What you do now, even without the police, is so very important. If we save even one child then it is one child that does not have to suffer. Sadly, you are very right in the fact that children are too often less safe and exposed to as many terrible things in Foster homes as they were in their own homes. THAT, my dear lady, is another write coming. God bless and thank you for always being so very good to read me. Hugs for you and yours. Darrel

lou2212 profile image

lou2212 4 years ago from barnsley, UK

I think a lot of the way people act these days is due to education and disspline, some may say i dont know anything with only being 21 but ive seen a lot, teachers and parents have no authority these days leaving youngsters to do as the please, this leads on to being a wild adult and not having a care for anyone other than them selfs. Even police officers have no authority and prisons too, 20-40 years ago a copper could a give a person a smack for being disrespectfull, a parent could smack there children and show them right from wrong, teachers would not stand for bad behavour and punishment would come in many forms, now there are that many different rules stating what and what not too do that the youngsters of today have no way to be controlled, some people my age will go out and stab a person so they can get a arrested and locked away just so they dont have to work for a living. Prisons are more like holiday camps than correction facilities, even young offender institutiions have pool tables and video games, This is not going to teach a person right from wrong, they will commit a crime and do it over and over just so they get an easy life. Its the same for hitting children, If a person got bullied at school it causes them to keep a lot of bottled up anger, they will grow up meet a scanky partner because they have no self confindence, produce a child and beat the child because they know that the child cannot stand up for its self and that even if they did get lock up they would have everything handed to them on a silver platter. I think it is just plain wrong, there is no excuse for harming another human being wether it be physicaly or mentally, but i do think the governments rules and regulations have not helped this matter. As for that women who did that to her child, she should be chucked in a cell and left to rott, its unacceptable to do this to a little one. I am realy glad you posted this hub, at least your not affraid to speak out and awarness whould be made so people can look out for the signs of children being abused.

Dday50627 profile image

Dday50627 4 years ago from Iowa Author

Lou, Thank you for reading this Hub and thank you for the wonderful comments you have left. I am 100% agreement that we have taken the rules so far to north that the south doesn't even know what they can and cant do anymore. Lack of discipline and a fear of having the Gov step in has left parental figures at a loss. what it has left society is a hugely unsettled and unrestrained mass of people that take no issues in hurting or killing others. I wonder how far we must let this go before the world realizes that babies are dieing and babies are killing babies... daily. We have a duty to protect those that can not protect themselves. Funny isn't it, that we will send troops after troops to protect a country we believe is being "Bullied" and can not protect themselves but we fail to reach out in to our own backyards and save the innocent children that die every day. I believe the only way we will fix this is to step forward as a whole nation of people, no matter what country you call home, and take a stand for the innocent. Quit being afraid to "get involved" and save these babies. But it must start at the generation before and the one before that. Educate and show them a better way. Thank you again and remember that every time someone posts about this issue or this Hub, someone else is made aware. Thank you and God Bless.

Seafarer Mama profile image

Seafarer Mama 4 years ago from New England


The title of your hub inspired me to take a peek at the content...and wow! Thank you for speaking out...for putting this reminder out there to the world...the universe.

I could not imagine ever hurting my child, either physically or emotionally. I was emotionally abused, but found therapy and gathered a loving cadre of support around me, so that I can be a loving mother. I will not do or say to my child the hurtful things that were done or said to me when I was a child!

I also prayed a few novenas for my little sweetheart, she is truly a gift from heaven for whom I am so grateful...My husband and I have also worked hard to give her tools to protect herself (or seek trusted help) if she ever encounters a stranger who could do harm to her, too.

I do believe that if someone were to go to jail for a crime against a child, they are in trouble and are often beaten by other inmates, just because such a crime is so ultimately horrible. This may be myth or legend, but it seems that often offenders against children do pay for their crimes when they are finally apprehended and jailed.

But, no, that isn't good enough. God bless those who see innocents hurt and intervene on their behalf!

Dday50627 profile image

Dday50627 4 years ago from Iowa Author

Seafarer Mama... I am delighted to see you here. Your words are always an encouragement to my heart and my writing. I do not believe it is a Myth what you say concerning those that harm children suffering at the hands of inmates. I feel it is a bit of "poetic justice" and feel no remorse for whatever they may have to face once imprisoned. Funny that a person that has killed 1 or 2 or 5 adults still sees the harming of a child as a greater crime then their own but it says something for the hearts of even the hardest criminals.

I myself can not fathom harming a child anymore than I can imagine hurting something so tiny as a kitten or dog. The only difference being that at least those can fight back a bit. Placing the right tools such as how to get away or how to seek the help of an adult, in our children's hearts and minds may be the very actions that save them from the horrid scenes that take place at the hands of another "human."

I pray each and every day for the safety of children and will speak out LOUDLY anytime I see or even feel that achild is being abused in any form. Bless your heart for finding the strength to carry on and bless your house and home. Together, as one voice, we can make a difference. thank you for taking the time to read and comment. Always, Darrel.

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