The Candle Of Life

When you are upset

and you are feeling alone,

and you are so lost

you have not a home.

And no matter how hard you continue to strife

Remember you still have a candle of life.

A candle that means

there's light before dark,

a candle with meaning

like the songs of a lark.

A candle that shows happiness - not sin

a candle that burns brightly within.

When you are so weary

of the world here about,

of the anguish and terror

which seems to burst like you would shout.

Of the pain and the suffering

which cut's like a knife.

Remember you still have a candle of life.

A candle that means

hope where there's non,

a candle which means

your life is as one.

A candle that shows

love lives in the air.

A candle that burns bright here -


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